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After This Amazon-Inspired April Fool’s Joke, This Husband Really Will Need ‘Retail Therapy’

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What’s the rule about April Fool’s Day? If you play a joke after 12:00 noon on April 1, is the joke on you? Something like that. Well, surely it doesn’t apply if you merely tell someone about a joke after noon on April Fool’s, does it?

A Prank Six Months In The Making

Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Maureen Pritchard spent months working up an April Fool’s day prank to play on her husband, Rob. Like so many of us, Maureen is an Amazon shopper. That’s probably something that husband Rob knows all too well. Maybe it’s even something that they have talked about, who knows? It feels like there might be a bit of a backstory to this one. So, what happened?

For six months, Maureen saved every Amazon box she could get her hands on. Not just her own, but Amazon boxes sent to her parents and her sister, too. We’ve all collected boxes for one reason or another — a move, perhaps? — but banana and liquor boxes were not going to cut it for Maureen. Maureen needed those very distinct Amazon delivery boxes with the characteristic little smiles and the blue labels on them? Why?

Well, as husband Rob discovered on April 1, 2019, Maureen was saving them up so that she could pile them outside her Wisconsin home for him to find there when he got back. And find them, he did. Dozens and dozens of Amazon delivery boxes on the front stoop and down the path. There’s no knowing what he thought had happened!

Maureen was poised inside the living room window when Rob pulled up. She managed to get some video of Rob’s reaction. It sure seems like the months of planning by the whole Pritchard family paid off. Maureen posted about the whole thing on Facebook. As you can imagine, the story has gone viral there. To the surprise of no one, the story has been picked up everywhere, including in “People,” and on newscasts all over the state.

I’ve been planning an April Fools joke to play on Rob for MONTHS!! I got him good! I wish I would have continued to record right away when he came in the house. When he saw me recording out the window I thought he realized that it was a joke, but when he came inside he kept asking, “What IS all that?!?

Is That Relief, Disbelief, Or Worry On Rob’s Face?

The videos are short, but Rob is obviously puzzled and flummoxed. We’ve got to wonder, though, if he fully realized he’s been pranked? He seems hopeful, that’s for sure.

The story begs at least just a couple of questions. First, how did Maureen manage to collect and store all those boxes for six months without Rob noticing? And what did she do with them after the fact?

April Fool’s is less than four months away. In a twist that seems strangely appropriate, even Amazon gets into the April Fool’s Day act. Three-second audiobooks for fish, anyone? Time to get to planning! Here’s are fifty epic April Fool’s day pranks immortalized on the web that might inspire you.

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