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This Amazing Mom Is Trying To Restore Years Of Her Daughter’s Most Treasured Disney Memories

If you lost all of your memories, would you count on the happiest place on earth to restore them? It’s hard to say, but this brilliant, compassionate mother is supporting her amnesiac daughter — and her wide range of Disney memories —  in a unique and magical way.

Lifelong Disney Fanatics

Patty Husslein has always been a Disney fanatic, and her daughter, Michelle, has practically been one since birth. As a result, the pair has visited Disney World a remarkable amount of times. Michelle’s childhood has been built by Disney memories. And while many in their family think they’re a tad obsessed, Patty and Michelle just can’t get enough of the magical theme park.

The duo’s visits to Disney World mystified Michelle when she was younger. She fell in love with everything Disney could offer, from life-sized Winnie the Pooh characters to the incredible number of rides! However, Michelle’s Disney memories would soon be tainted by a nearly tragic accident.

An Incomprehensible Tragedy

When Michelle was just 13 years old, she survived a scary accident in the shower – yet she endured a frightening concussion. The injury wiped away a multitude of memories from the first years of her life, devastating her mother. And one of the most painful parts of her concussion was coping with her missing memories of Disney World experiences.

After essentially growing up in Disney World, the fact that Michelle couldn’t remember her visits to the park completely crushed Patty. Being a single mother, Patty had poured plenty of funds into giving Michelle a happy, magical childhood. So, when Michelle couldn’t remember their shared visits to the happiest place on earth…Patty decided she could completely reconstruct Michelle’s memories.

Recreating Michelle’s Epic Memories

After Michelle’s concussion, her mother began to take her to the park more frequently to try to trigger some of her happiest childhood memories. While not everything came rushing back, Michelle couldn’t help falling in love with the magic of Disney World all over again. Now, at nearly 16 years old, Michelle has been to Disney 38 times! And their love of the park isn’t likely to disappear any time soon.

Patty is planning on eventually moving to Florida to be closer to Disney World, and Michelle plans to search for colleges in the same area. For now, the two are relishing in their time spent together at the iconic park. Michelle even took her prom photos in some of Disney World’s most epic attractions. While Michelle may not be able to restore her old memories, the new ones she’s made are likely to stick with her forever.

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