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Amazon Has Been Secretly Building An At-Home Robot

Over the last 10 years, Amazon has become an undisputed giant in the technology industry. From the Kindle to the Echo, Amazon has reached the top of the industry. But this new secret project they have been working on is about to push them to new heights.

A Roman Goddess

Amazon’s new plan is to create a domestic robot that does more than just vacuum your floors like the ever-so-popular Roomba does. Rumor has it that this robot will use a similar technology to Alexa, but with mobility. It will be called “Vesta,” a reference to the Roman goddess of hearth, home, and family.

As of right now, the project is still in the beginning phases. It is being overseen by Gregg Zehr from Amazon’s Lab126 in Sunnyvale, California. This is the same lab that created the Echo, Fire TV, and Fire tablets.

A Literal Sidekick

The secret robot will supposedly be equipped with cameras and computer vision software so that it can follow you around to the parts of your house where the Echo is not. It will act sort of like a self-driving car.

At this point, it is unclear what specific tasks the robot will be able to perform. For some people, it could simply offer companionship. Recent advances in computer vision technology, cameras, and artificial intelligence make it much more likely for this robot to become a reality.

A Well-Kept Secret

Amazon employees say that they will not comment on “rumors and speculation” regarding the domestic robot project. But robots are already used to build cars and perform surgeries. So is it really that crazy to think there could be one that does household chores?

We may still be decades away from this virtual assistant becoming a family member in homes across America. But based on what we know, Amazon has begun working on the project and continues to post job openings for experts in robotics and engineering. And we’re excited.

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