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Americans Are Apparently Generous People Judging By $390B Donated To Charity In 2016

According to the Giving USA foundation, Americans donated a whopping $390 billion in 2016 alone. Furthermore, most of the funds came from individuals which amounted to more than $282 billion.

The chairperson of the Giving USA Foundation, Aggie Sweeney, said that despite the economic and political uncertainty the nation is currently facing, Americans were still found to be very generous people. “We saw growth in every major sector, indicating the resilience of philanthropy and diverse motivation of donors” said Sweeney.

While most of the donations came from affluent and wealthy individuals, there were a very significant number of smaller denomination donations that came from less wealthy individuals.

Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s associate dean for academic affairs, Patrick Rooney, said that “in 2016 we saw something of a democratization of philanthropy.” This means that more and more people are giving, not only from the elite or higher class community but from the middle class as well.

“The strong growth in individual giving may be less attributed to the largest of the large gifts, which were not robust as we have seen in some prior years, suggesting that more of that growth in 2016 may have come from giving by donors among the general population compared to recent years” explains Rooney.

According to reports, donations to all categories have increased. Religion tops the list among the largest beneficiaries of charitable donations. In 2016, donations to religious movements have increased by 3 percent. A total of $123 billion has been given to religious movements during 2016.

Education placed second with $59.8 billion gaining up to 3.6 percent. Human services came in third with a growth of 4 percent, totaling at $46.8 billion. The health sector gained 5.7 percent at $33.1 billion. Arts and culture related organizations received $18.2 billion, which grew 4.6 percent this year as opposed to last year’s donations. International relations have increased by 4.6 percent with $22 billion while animal and environmental welfare organizations received $11 billion gaining a 7 percent growth in donations.

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