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The Animal Sounds This YouTuber Can Make With His Violin Are Insane

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When you think of a violin, you usually think of classical music, uptight symphony performances, or somber solos. This YouTuber, however, changed the way we think about the violin’s ability with his incredible animal sounds and we’re sure he’ll change yours, too.

Violin Vs. Cow

Sebastiaan Kulwanowski seems like a normal kid, but he managed to create something simply amazing from his violin: the noises of several animals.

Be it, a cow, mouse, or donkey, Sebastiaan has these animal sounds down! How he can even mimic the softest of sounds coming from a fly or mouse is beyond me. Just imagining how long he’s had to practice these sounds is making my head hurt.

But the real mystery here is how Sebastiaan learned how to make these sounds. How does one realize they can make Elephant noises with a classical instrument? By accident? By influence from another proficient animal-sound violinist? Unless Sebastiaan divulges his secret, the world may never know.

Man Of Many Talents

But that’s not the only trick Sebastiaan has up his sleeve.

He can even play the theme song for the popular video game Super Mario Bros. His talent is indeed multifaceted! 

Odd But Satisfying

Still not convinced of Sebastiaan’s odd talent? Check out the video below to see JUST how similar his violin sounds to all these animals (It’ll help if you close your eyes, but you really don’t need to).

Yep, that was totally a seagull coming from your speakers. Although this is a fun talent to watch, we don’t think any orchestras will be seeking donkey solos any time soon. Then again, it’s 2018 – nothing is out of the question in this day in age.

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