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These Animals Take Camouflage To A Whole New Level

If we humans want to try and blend into our surroundings we put on gear that has a variety of brown, tan, and green colors and hope that will help camouflage us. That’s a far cry from what these animals are capable of. They blend into their surroundings so well, it may take you looking twice before you even notice they’re there!

Web Of Horrors

If you’re arachnophobic don’t look at this picture too closely or you might be having nightmares for days. Hailing from Austrailia, the dolophones turrigera or “wrap-around” spider has a concavely shaped underside that allows it to wrap itself around a twig or small branch for camouflage from predators.


Owl Not See You

This beautiful great grey owl seems to just morph into the pine tree trunk that he’s perched next to. Especially since they hunt mainly at dusk and at night, it’s easy to see how it would be a perfect place to wait, listen, and watch for unsuspecting prey.


A Level 10 Camo

The stone flounder is a bottom-feeding fish that can be found in both salt and fresh water. Native to the northwest Pacific around Japan, Korea, northern China and Taiwan, the stone flounder can actually change its appearance depending on the types of sand, stone, or pebbles it’s swimming over.


Treading Easy

It’s easy to see how someone might miss this one, but it could be a painful mistake. The copperhead snake in the center of this photo blends in with the leaf litter on the ground almost perfectly, but someone who’s foolish enough to step in the wrong place will feel his venomous bite.


In Plain Sight

On first glance, this appears to just be a simple picture of some trees and bushes. It hides a secret though. There’s an impala (a member of the gazelle family) staring back at the camera from the lower right of the picture. The white around its mouth is pretty much the only thing that gives it away.


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