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Perfectly Timed Animal Photos That Will Split Your Sides


Animals are similar to humans in many ways. They can be real jerks sometimes. If a person did some of the things you’re about to see, they would probably get womped upside the head. But because animals are cute, they usually get away with it — as long as they’re not biting your face off, that is. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best pics of animals being jerks and they will make you seriously lol. Read on!

1. Were You Still Eating That?

Cats have a habit of sitting wherever they please. Sometimes it’s your face, work or even your food. This lovely ginger puff decided to take a catnap on a slice of pizza. Secretly he must know that no human will eat the pizza now that it’s covered in fur so he will just keep the slice to himself for a snack later.


Cats are diabolical and quite frankly this should be considered a criminal act but due to his cuteness, we’ll forgive him this time. Just don’t make it a habit. People are serious about their pizza.

2. Cow

Animals, like humans, get cold. This industrious cow found himself a warm spot to relax on the hood of a black BMW. The recently-used engine provided just enough heat to intrigue him. Unfortunately for the owner, cows weigh a ton.



There is going to be a serious dent in the hood of their car. It might also be difficult trying to convince him to leave anytime soon. Cows can be pretty lazy but if you annoy them, especially the males, they might just start charging at you.

3. Christmas Mayhem

Cats climb trees. It’s what they do. So don’t be surprised when Mittens tries to climb your Christmas tree every December. To a cat, a tree is meant to be climbed whether or not there are tacky decorations hanging on it.


Oh and those round ornaments are toys to them. They will be swatted and tossed about so much that you will be finding them all over the house throughout the summer. Good luck finding them all before next winter.

4. Wanna Kiss?

If you’ve ever met a giraffe, you know that they like to lick and that they have extremely long tongues. A giraffe can be happily content licking a wall for hours on end. That’s because in the wild they are constantly eating and use their tongues to collect leaves off of tree branches. So if you get close enough to a giraffe you might just get licked too.


Don’t worry, they’re just checking to see if there are any tasty treats attached to your face. To make the experience more enjoyable, their tongues are also coated in a very thick saliva. The saliva protects their tongues against thorny trees and leaves you with a slimy memento of their love.

5. Wedding Photo Bomb

Animals are very rarely skilled models. Probably because they have no clue what’s going on and don’t understand what humans want out of their lives. So deciding to include your pet in your engagement photos is always going to be a gamble.


For example, they might just try to lick the lens. Maybe it was the cat’s way of saying “Girl, NO! Don’t do it.” After all, it sees what your partner does at home when you’re not there…

6. You Trying To Work?

If you have a cat in your home then you know that they demand to be the center of attention all the time. If they ever get the feeling that you are interested in something else they will shut it down fast. Trying to read a book? Plop. Cat is on top of the book. Trying to get some work done? Click. Cat pressed some magic button on your laptop that turned the screen off and deleted all your work.


If you have one of these type of cats in your house we suggest complying with their demands. Cats are generally friendly creatures but piss off the wrong one and you might not live to tell the tale.

7. Karate Kick

Birds are lightning fast. In fact, their wings flap so fast that humans can hear it but the human eye can’t see it happen. This jerk bird apparently wanted all the food for itself and decided to pull a lightning-fast karate kick on its neighbor who was dropping by for a snack.


Interestingly, birds don’t only eat seeds. Some sip on nectar and sap while other kinds occasionally eat small insects, larvae, insect eggs and spiders. As far as birds go, hummingbirds are actually the most territorial of all bird species.

8. Told You To Move…

Let’s be honest, this dog has guts. While most dogs would accept defeat and go lie somewhere else he said nope. The cat knows it’s not his bed and he was obviously told to move multiple times.


Most people have probably had to pull this move on a younger brother or sister at some point in their life. This English Bulldog’s expression says it all: “I’ve put up with this cat’s shenanigans for far too long, not taking it anymore.”

9. You Didn’t Want That Re-upholstered?

Some dogs cannot be trusted. As cute and innocent looking as they might look, some are just troublemakers at heart. This ill-mannered huskie decided to make a couch his chew toy, completely destroying it in the process.


Just imagine how mad you would be coming home to this at the end of a long day. This cute little guy probably won’t be staying in the house very much after this. Hopefully, the owner was planning on getting a new couch anyways.

10. Monkey Business

Monkeys may look cute and furry but deep down they are criminals. These jerks ransacked a car and proceeded to steal any item they could get their hands on. There is probably a village of monkeys in some jungle decked out in fashionable clothes and fabulous hats, sitting around gossiping about how gullible humans are.


If you’re in an area inhabited by monkeys you had better hold on to your belongings and hide your children. And if you thought this was a jerk move, just wait ’til you see what the whale on the next page did.

11. I Do What I Want

No, your cat isn’t going to sit in that $50 cat bed you just bought. Get over it. Cats have a mind of their own and will do what they want. Usually, it will be inconvenient for you and get cat hair/scratches on items you deem precious (somehow they always know).


This fluff ball decided to make a home out of a shoe rack. Not only is it full of hair, but one side is completely shredded. His look says it all, “yeah, I did that, it’s mine. Now give me food or go away.”

12. Mine Now

When cats make their nests they are not going to move for anything, not even a dog that is clearly 20 times larger than they are. Cats are notorious for stealing dog beds and claiming them for themselves. Shamefully, in this case, a fully grown dog lost their bed to a small kitten.


Generally, dogs that aren’t socialized with cats within their first few months after being born either chase cats or fear cats. No matter the size, some cats have the confidence to scare off almost any dog.

13. Trash Panda Bandits

There is a reason raccoons have black masks. They have evolved to be thieves. Raccoons are crafty and can use their human-like hands to open just about anything they set their minds to.



Anyone with a cat door in their house knows that there is a big chance they may wake up to find that their kitchen has been ransacked by one of the furry bandits. Raccoons just love junk food and cant help themselves. Obesity is actually a big issue in the raccoon community.

14. Playground Bully

Bullying is not okay. Apparently, this dog wasn’t taught that in obedience school. Maybe the smaller one annoyed him with his hyperactivity but the larger one certainly abused his size and strength to harass the smaller one.



This dog is certainly a jerk. No one deserves a face full of gravel. Maybe he learned the behavior from a bully cat at his house and has no other outlet to vent his frustration?

15. Jaws

Like a scene from a horror movie, this hungry great white decided to chomp down on the side of a rubber boat full of German tourists off the South African coast. The tourists had been watching seals when the great white suddenly appeared.


The shark ripped one side of the boat to shreds, throwing the watercraft off balance. Luckily they were able to race off to safety and no one was injured in the incident. The shark caused about $3,000 worth of damage to the boat.

16. Smarter Than The Average Bear

Bears love a good pic-a-nic basket. Just ask these unsuspecting campers that had their camp site crashed by a local bear out looking for a snack. Adult male black bears can weigh between 126 to 551 lbs. When they wake from hibernation they are fiercely hungry and will go anywhere food is available.


Bears generally are fearful of humans but if they sense danger or feel cornered, they will attack. In this case it would be best to just let the bear eat what he wants and be thankful he isn’t eating you.

17. It’s A Fashion Choice

“No, we were absolutely not in the trash. This trash can around my neck is a fashion statement, everyone’s doing it these days. Oh and the trash scattered across the floor was there when I got here, you should practice your aim a bit more.”


To a dog the garbage can is an aromatic haven of stinky and ripe smells that some just cant resist. Who can blame them really? If someone placed a chest of tasty snacks and fun toys in front of you, who wouldn’t be tempted?

18. Clean This Up

Cats love to sharpen their claws and hate things hidden from them in packages. After a pleasant session of clawing this bag of sugar, all of it came pouring out onto the floor. Not only that, the cat had to walk in it and take a leisurely roll in it to spread all the grainy sugar around.


He is now waiting patiently on a chair to tell the human to clean up the floor. Ironically, cats aren’t able to taste sweet things. So none of that sugar was enjoyed. In the wild, cats actually exclusively eat meat.

19. Historical Evidence

This 15th-century cat was attempting to keep its owner from getting any work done and rudely walked all over his manuscript after stepping in black ink. Interestingly enough this manuscript was written in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the city Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing is modeled after. Have we stumbled upon a secret spoiler??


What are the chances that King Tommen’s cat Ser Pounce will end up on the Iron Throne in the end? We haven’t seen Ser Pounce in a few seasons but he’s still hanging out in the castle somewhere. After all the other characters go and get themselves killed we theorize that Ser Pounce will jump up on the empty throne claiming it for himself.

20. Doggy Dis-Obedience

It appears everyone gets a participation ribbon these days, even animals. Fido here chowed down on his own dog obedience training certificate but clearly, from his face, he didn’t do it. Most likely he was setup by the cat. Or maybe lashing out against his parents for sending him to obedience school in the first place.


We also can’t rule out that this dog’s owner forged the diploma to begin with in order boost fido’s self-confidence and save face in front of their own friends with well-trained trophy-winning dogs.

21. If I Fits, I Sits

Cats, especially indoor cats, love looking at the fascinating world outside from the window sill. Blinds be damned. This cat made himself a hammock out of the blinds and from the looks of it, this wasn’t the first time.



Those blinds will never be the same again. Sure, try replacing them but you know the cat will return for vengeance. Don’t even think of trying to be clever and put up curtains instead. That’s just cat-speak for fun climbing walls.

22. Monkey Business

Monkeys are notorious thieves. Anything that isn’t tied down is fair game to a monkey. Whether you’re in Asia, Africa or South America, you’d better hold onto your belongings. One man had his iPhone stolen by one of the mischievous primates. Thankfully, before the monkey was able to place an incredibly expensive long-distance call to China, the man was able to bribe the monkey into handing it over with some food.


Interestingly enough, the items stolen by monkeys have no value to them, but they know the items are valuable to you. So they will gladly ransom their stolen goods back over to you for a tasty treat.

23. Canadian Terrorists

Geese, specifically Canadian geese, are known for being mean-spirited, hateful, and downright evil, earning them the name “Canadian terrorists.” Should you ever run into one of these ornery creatures its best to keep a safe distance. They are very territorial and will do anything to protect their eggs, children and flock.


Both male and female geese are willing to go head to head with an adult human. Sadly, the humans usually suffer humiliating defeats. There is certainly nothing worse than a video of you getting beat up by a bird showing up on the evening news.

24. Wait Your Turn

This gate is designed for the purpose of letting small pets, like cats, pass between rooms while keeping the large ones out. But the result, at least in this photo, is one very sad-looking golden retriever dog.


As the dog watches longingly, the cat goes wherever it pleases. Just look at that air of smugness on its face. This kitty puts any diva to shame. It probably gets let into all the best nightclubs too.

25. Bubbles O’ Fun

Remember those days of childhood when the simple pleasures could entertain you more than anything else? Well, this doggo named Dusty sure hasn’t lost that childlike — or should we say doglike — wonder and his eyes say it all.


Flickr user carterse

From the looks of it, this dog has never seen anything greater than that bubble and it is prepared to catch it. The poor pup will be in for quite a surprise when it disappears into thin air. Don’t worry, doggo. There’s more where that came from!

26. Riding Trains, Not Chasing Them

What a refined and furry passenger! Whoever took this photo caught had perfect timing and caught the perfect angle while the human passenger took what appears to be a little nap. No worries, the person’s faithful furry friend stayed awake.


The dog really looks vigilant, but it could be that since he is only a dog, he can’t distract himself with a phone or a good book. That’s a dog’s life. Let’s hope he know when they arrive to their destination.

27. That Old Cat Magic

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the magical levitating cat. Who knew a fluffy orange furball like this one could literally launch itself off the ground and levitate. Apparently it’s an everyday occurrence because that cat looks completely unphased.

Whatever the reason that it decided to cover, this pretty kitty probably doesn’t realize that it launched a thousand memes making fun of the “hovercat”. The owner might also want to cash in on their cat’s viral fame.

28. Cat’s Out of the Bag

All the cat wanted was a little snack but it unintentionally became yet another example of a perfectly timed photo. This one’s going in the history books for how much it appears that the cat on the bag came to life.

It seems that Meox Mix delivered this time! How could the cat possibly resist taking a taste and becoming a viral photo at the same time? Once again, this pretty kitty had no idea what an excellent photo it created.

29. Bow down

Why are these foxes bowing down so regally? Did they finally encounter the grand wolf? If that’s not the case, then possibly they were doing yoga for the first time and didn’t properly warm up beforehand. Ouch!

Whatever the reason, their yawn game was on fleek and if they howled to the moon this day, you betcha that the entire world heard it. Some foxes how out of fear while others howl when they want to mate. That’s way better than a late-night text.

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Sources: Diply

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