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New App Designed To Stop People From Wasting Time On Their Phones

Elementary school students learn the principles of a nutritious meal by learning how to have a balanced meal. Now there are countless apps to help individuals track their food intake, making sure they eat enough fruits, vegetables, protein, etc. But there are more factors involved in one’s health than their food and exercise plans: we also have to balance how much time we spend on our cell phones.

ZenScreen, an application software developer, worked on limiting your addiction to social media websites and screen time. The developer created new mobile apps to help reduce how much time you spend on your cellular devices. Will you be downloading these apps?

The Perfect Pyramid

Described as the perfect digital diet, ZenScreen created an app similar to the food pyramid—the “AppKins Digital Health Pyramid.” We can only assume the name is a play on the famous Atkins diet!


As a useful guide, the app recommends how many hours per day you should use various apps on your cell phone. For example, use of social media is set to under an hour, less than two hours for watching videos, and so on. Navigation and music apps, as well as search engines, have no daily limit.

It might sound difficult to limit your social media use, but in the long run, you’ll be thanking yourself.

Rise And Shine

When you wake up in the morning, do you immediately go to your cell phone and scroll through your social media feeds? If so, then you need this app! ZenScreen designed “Smart Mornings,” an app that limits how much time you spend on various apps in the morning.


For example, you only have 10 minutes to look at your social media feeds, followed by 20 minutes to check your emails and other work utilities.

Designed to motivate you to get up and out of bed, instead of being glued to your cell phone, you will discover that you will have a brighter start of the day once you download this app.

Better Than The Competition

While there are other apps you can download that track your digital usage, like Moment, Checky, QualityTime, and Calm, ZenScreen is the most unique option— it allows you to track your digital health in unique ways.

Daily Times

Sometimes you need an app to remind you to stay off your other apps!

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