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Apple Watch Is An “Angel In Disguise” By Saving New York Man’s Life

There are many times technology fails us and leaves us hanging. We become frustrated and want to throw away the expensive devices. However, deep down we know how much we rely on technology to get through the day.

For one man, in particular, technology ended up saving his life in the most critical way. It could have been a miracle, but we will credit technology for this save for right now.

The Most Important Alert He Will Ever Receive

When 32-year-old Westchester, NY, native William Monizidelia was working at his family’s bowling alley in April, he didn’t expect his Apple Watch to suddenly alert him about his dangerously fast heartbeat. Then, he experienced dizziness and unexplainable bleeding, which led his family to rush him to the hospital.

NBC News

On the drive to the hospital, Monzidelis began hemorrhaging and having seizures. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, emergency room doctors quickly diagnosed the young man with an ulcer that had ruptured. After an emergency blood transfusion, he underwent surgery and doctors explained that because of his young age and healthy medical history, Monzidelis would not have had any warning signs of this condition. If it wasn’t for the emergency alert from his Apple Watch, it could have been too late to save the young man’s life.

Monzidelis said, “It’s a little angel watching me.”

A Similar Case

Monzidelis’ medical scare isn’t the only time an Apple Watch saved someone’s life.

Scripps Inc. via ABC Action News

A Florida teenager, Deanna Recktenwald, was attending a church service when her heart rate reached a dangerous rate of 190 beats per minute. Her Apple Watch sent an alert, requesting the teenager to seek medical attention.

At the hospital, Recktenwald was diagnosed with kidney disease. Her mother commented that her daughter’s Apple Watch saved her life.

Who knew technology could work as an angel in disguise? We’ll be ordering our Apple Watch right now.

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