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Are You Getting Enough Of This Key Vitamin? Here’s How To Find Out

Taking in a wide variety of key vitamins and minerals helps us function and thrive. But did you know that B12 is one of the most common vitamins most people miss out on today? If you’re unsure of whether you are getting enough B12, or you just want to make sure you know what B12 deficiency signs to look out for, check out the comprehensive list below.

Unexplained Fatigue

Do you ever wonder why you’re always feeling so tired? That may be because of a lack of B12. Because the red blood cells in your body aren’t able to carry oxygen throughout your system, you may frequently get exhausted or lightheaded. While we all have “those days,” make sure you let your doctor know if exhaustion is a common occurrence for you.

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Mood Swings

A lack of B12 has a direct correlation with the serotonin your brain produces. Not familiar with serotonin? It’s one of the “happy chemicals” your brain creates to make you feel good. For this reason, it is extremely important that your brain produces enough of it. If you think your B12 production is affecting your mood, schedule a meeting with your doctor to see if B12 supplements can help!

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Always Out Of Breath

Because B12 is responsible for making hemoglobin (aka the protein that carries oxygen throughout your body), not getting enough of this necessary vitamin could lead to feeling weak, experiencing heart palpitations, and suffering from shortness of breath. This is because your tissues are failing to get the required amount of oxygen they need.

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Tummy Troubles

A B12 deficiency has the potential to affect how your gastrointestinal tract functions, causing your body a variety of tummy troubles. Yikes! Diarrhea, constipation, an upset stomach, loss of appetite, and gas are all outcomes of low levels of B12. These digestive problems are just downright uncomfortable. Pass the B12, please!

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Vision Issues

As if B12 didn’t already contribute to several other body functions, it also plays a HUGE part in your nerve function and nervous system as a whole. When people lack B12, they may have a higher risk for decreased vision and optic neuropathy. While B12 supplements can be beneficial for your vision, research has shown Vitamin E and DHA can help improve your eyesight, too!


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