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Long-Deployed Army Husband Surprises Doctor Wife In Her Office, And It’s The Cutest Thing

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When Dr. Joshua Splinter found out he would be coming home early from deployment, he wanted to find a way to surprise his doctor wife. He interrupted her routine day in the most spectacular way, and nearly made Alice faint from excitement. Think he pulled off a perfect reunion?

A Powerful Return Home

Military spouses all know too well the feeling of patiently waiting for their beloved husband or wife to return home from deployment. It’s often a long, stressful, and worry-filled wait… which is perhaps why we all love a good reunion so much. From military members greeting their dogs to surprising their kids at school, the videos are enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Recently, another video has been sweeping the internet. Dr. Alice Splinter’s husband, Dr. Joshua Splinter, came back from combat early… and decided to pull a fast one on her at work. His stunt was such a shock that Alice nearly collapsed from the shock of seeing him.

Planning The Perfect Surprise

Dr. Joshua Splinter is a military doctor who, up until a couple weeks ago, had spent five months deployed in the Port of Africa. His wife Alice, a pediatrician, stayed home, relocated their family, and continued to work to finish her residency. And even though he was halfway across the world, Joshua knew how much Alice had been “holding everything together” while he was gone.

Joshua was grateful for all of Alice’s hard work in caring for their life while he was gone. When he realized he would be coming home a little earlier than planned, he immediately tried to find a way to give Alice the happy surprise she deserved. After collaborating with a friend, he finally found the perfect way to astonish her!

Alice’s Heartwarming Reaction

When Alice walked into visit one of her patients, she instead found Joshua waiting for her. At first, she was so stunned that she wasn’t sure she could stay upright long enough to reach him. “I honestly almost passed out,” she admitted. “My knees got a little weak, but I was so happy to see him I just tried to hug him and stand there and take in the moment.”

Luckily, the emotional moment was captured on video. It’s clear from both of their reactions that his efforts at an incredible surprise paid off! All in all, as overwhelmed as Alice felt, she couldn’t be more grateful for him returning home. “This was a great surprise,” she shared. “I’m happy to have him home.”

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