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Artist Paints Indian Beach Rock Into Instagram-Worthy ‘Jaws’ Shark

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Great white sharks have scared people for years, even before Jaws. These marine animals are huge, fast, and they have incredibly sharp teeth. Although science has shown that great whites do not enjoy the taste of humans, people are still terrified of the idea that one of these humongous creatures could eat them while swimming in the ocean. Despite how scary these sharks are and how much they’ve tortured our imagination, locals and tourists go to Palolem Beach in South Goa, India, to take selfies with a great white shark because of the talents of Jimmy Swift, an American graffiti artist.

The Inspiration And Creation

Swift saw a triangular beach stone peeking out of the water and saw an opportunity to create a piece of art that would entice tourists and locals to take a photo with it. He found his inspiration from the movie posters from Jaws because they were so terrifying but drew in people’s attention. Swift embarked on this project in 2015, but it wasn’t the easiest task to complete.

He encountered problems unique to painting on the shore than he was used to painting on dry land. Swift was hit by the waves, had sand blow into his face, and fought the rising tides. Furthermore, this was the first time that his canvas was three-dimensional which presented its own set of problems. Despite the difficulties, it only took Swift an hour to complete the masterpiece.

Photo Opportunities

With over 2,000 likes on Swift’s original post, it didn’t take long before people noticed the shark and took creative selfies. Each picture shows the personalities of these Jaws fans, from people pretending to swim away, to a mother holding her daughter up to the shark’s mouth. No matter what the pose, people have a lot of fun taking pictures with this stone-turned shark. This shark turned the beach into a playground for people of all ages. Thousands of people have liked these photos on Instagram. User @art.sketchbook1 commented, “So cool” and most other users commented how “dope” and “fire” Swift’s work is, such as user @dr_jocko.

Tender Loving Shark Care

To keep this rock at peak photogenic qualities, Swift has to give his beloved shark some occasional maintenance because the elements fade the water-based spray paint he uses. The intricate features on the shark fade away which diminishes the striking effect of the piece. Swift’s careful maintenance of this shark ensures that other people can enjoy the fun, creative, and slightly terrifying, experience that he created.

Swift’s Other Stonework

This isn’t the only time that Swift turned a rock into a piece of art. He took a huge rock and turned it into an elephant. However, this piece of art has not gotten the attention that its marine counterpart has. Swift’s elephant is much larger than the shark, so it took him two hours to complete. This work is just as intricately detailed as the great white and displays Swift’s technical skills.


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One man saw the artistic possibilities in a beach stone and created something that brings people from all around to share in the majestic beauty of his interactable art. Swift’s great white brought different types of people together, from South Goa natives to tourists looking to soak in some sun, they all enjoyed this beautiful work of art. Although great white sharks still terrify people, Swift has created a piece of artwork that allows people to embrace their fears and exercise their imaginations. This shark shows how important art is, and that people can experience it anywhere, especially while having fun on their beach vacation.

To see more pictures of people interacting with the great white shark, his other works, and his other adventures, you can follow Jimmy Swift on Instagram @jimmy_swift!

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