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Artist Combines Photos Of Family Members In ‘Genetic Portraits’ That Show Incredible Resemblances

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Have you ever looked at your parents and saw a little bit of yourself in them? Turns out, family genes are much more powerful than we thought. Canadian photographer Ulric Collette realized this and created an amazing photo series that splices together familial faces. Check out five genetic portraits that show how strong family genes are.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This mother-daughter duo’s resemblance to one another is uncanny. Although the mom is twice her daughter’s age, she almost looks just as vibrant and lively as her girl. The only real difference is that one of them is blonde, and that could easily be fixed. Even their haircut is the same!

Father And Son

This image is super striking because the father and son’s faces are just so compatible together. They have the same facial shape, eyebrows, eyes, lips, and ears. They’re basically 100% identical. This is clearly what the son will look like in 25 years. Hope he enjoys having hair while it lasts!

Cousin Crew

The two cousins are eerily similar. Not only are they exactly the same age, but they could basically be twins. They share the same piercing blue eyes, lips, nose, and overall facial shape. The main distinction between these two is their choice of eyebrow shape. Cousin date at the salon maybe?

My Brother Half

This spliced image of a brother and sister is particularly funny. Although they’re only three years apart, they look like they could be twinning. All that the sister needs to do is grow a sweet mustache and put on a blue button-down to match her brother’s look. That would be an awesome Halloween costume!


Finally, this mother-daughter genetic portrait definitely takes the cake for the strongest genes. Even though the mom is over 30 years older than her daughter, they really look more like sisters. You can totally picture these two going out clubbing together. This photo is truly proof that “black don’t crack!”

Social media response has been extremely encouraging!

Instagram user @alexastevens9700 gasped, “I can’t believe that they’re not sisters!”

Instagram user @dani_hm_bcn shouted, “Wow me encanta!???”

Instagram user @colewhitephoto fanboyed, “Great shot!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic rest of your day ?”

Instagram user @erica.smith4530 shared, “They could be twins!”

Instagram user @dena.dna geeked out, “Your work is so amazing. I can’t wait to see more!”

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved