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Artist Uses Skills to Give Sick Kids Incredible Temporary Tattoos

When you are a kid who is stuck in the hospital rather than at school or playing with friends, life can become bleak pretty quickly. However, one kind artist decided to bring a little laughter and fun into the lives of some New Zealand patients through some amazing temporary tattoos!

Benjamin Lloyd: Uber-Incredible Artist

Benjamin Lloyd is an artist based out of New Zealand. The airbrush-savvy painter is incredible when it comes to realistic portraits on a variety of canvases and surfaces. However, a recent bet forced the artist to learn a new skill: tattoo designing! And the reason behind uncovering this talent will restore your faith in humanity.

Benjamin Lloyd art collection/Facebook

Airbrushing Intricate Tattoos: Lloyd’s Recent Skill

Lloyd had begun to practice his airbrush tattoo skills on adult friends and their kiddos, airbrushing tattoos on their arms and chests. While it was all for fun, a pal encouraged him to use his skills to bring some joy to kids downtrodden by illness. So, Benjamin hopped on social media and struck up a deal— and it transformed his life!

Benjamin Lloyd art collection/Facebook

Lloyd’s Initial Challenge: Blown Out Of The Water

On his Facebook page, Lloyd shared that he would pop over to the Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland to give patients airbrush tattoos if he got 50 likes on his post. Of course, likes came pouring in like water. Soon, Lloyd was up to nearly 500,000 likes! True to his word, Lloyd went to the hospital to offer his skills. And the results of his art were moving!

Benjamin Lloyd art collection/Facebook

Lloyd’s Monumental Tattoos: Giving Kids Their Confidence Back

At the hospital, Lloyd began applying airbrush tattoos to sick kids who were in need of something to smile about. Tattooing kids with a variety of conditions, Lloyd gave them confidence and body-positivity that many hadn’t known in months. As kind of a gesture as Lloyd’s efforts was, he couldn’t have been more humble about accepting praise for his work!

Benjamin Lloyd art collection/Facebook

Lloyd, On His Actions: “Nothing Brings Me More Joy”

“Nothing brings me more joy than boosting kids confidence with a custom tattoo,” Lloyd shared. Lloyd’s willingness to dedicate his own time and materials to spreading kindness and love in a dark situation is beyond incredible. And from all the smiles on the children’s faces, it’s clear that Lloyd didn’t fail in his mission!

Benjamin Lloyd art collection/Facebook

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