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Artists Build A Breaching Whale Made Of 10,000 Pounds of Plastic With A Message

Through the Bruges Triennial, artists from all over have constructed amazing works of art throughout the historic city of Bruges, Belgium. A particular architecture and design firm from the U.S. decided to build a huge breaching humpback whale made of thousands of pounds of plastic waste. But the message behind the structure is even more important. Read on to find out more about it!

A Massive Endeavor

Designers at STUDIOKCA in New York planned to create a 38-foot tall whale entirely of plastic waste. With the help of the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, the employees were able to do several beach cleanups. During those cleanups, they collected a whopping 10,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean for their whale. However, they would also need some serious cash to make their idea a reality.


Campaigning For Funds

The whale itself would be no small or cheap task! In addition to the plastic, the designers at STUDIOKCA had to use steel and aluminum parts to complete the project. They also had to have cranes and other tools to actually assemble it in Bruges. So the firm decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to build the structure…but would it work?


Whale of A Design

The campaign raised the necessary funds to build the huge, detailed whale. However, it wasn’t easy to actually create the design. All in all, it took four months to not only get the plastic but to also build and install the whale. However, the statue came out beautifully and the firm was able to get a powerful message across as well…


Looking At The Bigger Picture

Sure, the whale is a beautiful piece, but what’s also important is its meaning. it was created to highlight the issue of pollution and how it affects whales and other marine life. Sadly, close to 150 million TONS of plastic and other pieces of trash are currently polluting our seas. It negatively impacts animals, plants, and the global ecosystem, which is exactly what STUDIOKCA wanted to get across.


Raising Awareness

Already, the whale has gotten a lot of attention in the city. Of course, it’s an incredible work of art, but it’s also continuing the conversation around pollution. Everyone can help to contribute just by being mindful of how trash is disposed of. This piece keeps that idea in people’s heads!


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