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An Assisted Living Home Worker Inspired An Entire Movement With Nail Polish

We all know the bad reputation that assisted living facilities get. However, not all of them are alike. Some employ amazing workers that really care about their patients. This woman is one of those people. She is raising the bar for everyone who cares for the elderly. Through her small gestures of kindness, she is working to help people around the world conquer their insecurities.

The Star Employee

Brandalyn Mae Porter is the activity director at an assisted living facility. This means that her life’s work is to help the elderly continue to live their lives to the fullest. She organizes events and looks after their mental health.

One activity that she does often is giving manicures to residents that request them. She loves painting bright colors on their beautiful hands.

A Lifetime Of Stories

One day, a resident receiving a manicure requested clear nail polish. Brandalyn politely pointed out that a brighter color would be more lively. The woman said that she didn’t want to draw attention to her hands because she felt insecure about them.

That is when Brandalyn responded in the most perfect way possible. She explained to the woman that her hands represent the amazing life she has lived. The woman agreed to a bright pink nail polish and Brandalyn posted a picture of her amazing hand online.

Spreading Joy

She could never have predicted that a single photo would spark an entire movement. After seeing Brandalyn’s post, other people were motivated to share their hands and stories. Her “Love What Matters” Facebook page now has a large following.

If you scroll through it, you’ll find a ton of inspiration. Followers are even encouraged to submit their own life stories to be published on the page. Brandalyn is truly one of the good people this world desperately needs more of.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved