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Aussie Dalmatian Goes Full Disney Mode After Having 18 Puppies

A three-year old Dalmatian from Ballarat, Victoria in Australia broke the record for the largest litter in Australia after giving birth to 18 pups.

Cecilia Langton-Bunker, a local breeder with her own shop, said while it’s easy to romanticize the story as something from Disney, it’s actually hard work. For instance, they had to bottle-feed the hungry pups every four hours considering that their mom could not possibly feed them all.

While nobody is saying it out loud, it’s also quite costly to feed the hungry litter, especially since the owners didn’t exactly expect that large of a litter. In fact, they were initially told by the vet to expect only three pups from Miley and Astro.

All the 12 females and six males are healthy. The Dalmatian went into labor for almost four hours.

Langton-Bunker explained that Dalmatians normally have litters of about 8-10 puppies. First time mommies like the Dalmatian in question typically have less than that.

She said that they only realized they broke the record in Australia after the last pup was born.

“In the 101 Dalmatians movie Pongo and Perdita had 15 puppies so we have beaten them,” she said.

Langton-Bunker also said that Miley is adjusting to being a mom to 18 puppies like fish to water.

The most number of puppies on record is from a mastiff in Manea, Cambridgeshire, UK on Nov. 29, 2004. At that time, 24 puppies—15 males and nine females—were born by Cesarean although one was stillborn. Another three died a few days later, the Guinness report said.

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