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#CoupleGoals: Australian Couple Rescues Orphaned And Injured Kangaroos

Theresa and Tony of Victoria, Australia, started off rescuing and nursing wild birds back to health on occasion. One day, someone drove up to their door asking them if they could take in a kangaroo, and they just had to help the little guy. They named him Bobby and ever since that day, they’ve been rescuing kangaroos for release back into the wild.

A Saga Begins

When the stranger brought little Bobby to Theresa and Tony’s house, they didn’t know how to take care of him. They made phone calls to local vets who told them the kangaroo would have to be put down because there was no one to care for him. That was unacceptable! The couple decided to do their own research and find out how to care for Bobby.

Once they figured out how to care for him, word got out about their rescue efforts. People from all over started calling and bringing their injured kangaroos to Tony and Theresa’s door. They couldn’t turn anyone away.

A Rescue Center

Since so many animals were being brought in, they set up a rescue center right in their house. At one point, they had over 40 kangaroos in their care! Each kangaroo has their own personality and relies on Theresa and Tony to raise them and teach them how to survive in the wild. Theresa and Tony have such a close bond with the kangaroos, it’s hard to say goodbye.

When it’s time to let them go, they have to release them off-site. Imagine Tony’s surprise when he let the second group go and a few from the first group lovingly greeted him. Tony realized they would never forget their human parents.

Dreaming Of Expansion

Tony and Theresa don’t limit their rescues to kangaroos. They take in all kinds of injured and orphaned wildlife to care for, from platypus to wombat. Right now their wildlife rescue is self-funded, but they hope to expand one day so the animals can have more room to roam. That way, they can be set free to come and go as they please.

You can help Theresa and Tony on their mission by visiting their website or their Facebook page and donating. Every little bit helps. They’re doing good work for animals who would otherwise die if it weren’t for this adorable couple. Caring for them involves both joy and sacrifice, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved