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Australian Surgeon Spurs International Hospital Trend After Inscribing Name And Position On Scrub Cap

Sometimes a small, positive action from one person can make a big difference. This was the case when a surgical doctor decided to write his name on his scrub cap. He did this so it became easier for patients in his operating room to identify him. Now doctors in other operating rooms worldwide are giving it a try.

Overwhelming Surgical Experiences

Doctor Rob Hackett from Sydney, Australia realized how daunting the operating room experience can be for his patients. All the medical staff was busy, hovering above the patient wearing identical clothing. That environment is pretty overwhelming for anyone.

Sure the scrubs are sanitary and efficient, that’s why doctors wear them. But it was also hard for his patients to distinguish one medical professional from another. If they were awake during surgery, this could prove to be stressful. In addition, it also could compromise patient safety if a doctor who was new to the environment couldn’t identify a teammate when they needed help.

An Easy Solution

In this case, Dr. Hackett believed the solution was pretty simple. All staff had to do was to write their name and their role on the surgical team in large letters directly onto their scrub cap. Problem solved.

The action was easy and would take about a half a minute, but it would make a big difference. As a patient looked up off of the operating table, they could identify, and call out for, the professional they needed. Doctors could also identify each other more efficiently, saving time in crucial situations.

Feels Silly But It Works

Ultimately, this approach proved to be easier to use than other methods like nametags. With nametags, a doctor needed to be positioned in just the right way for a patient to read the tag. It is much easier to see information that is written on the cap over someone’s forehead.

Operating rooms in other countries are getting on board with the trend as they realize the benefits it has for their patients. They’re also promoting it to their colleagues sharing photos of themselves in named scrub caps. Let’s hope this simple idea continues to catch on, making patients more comfortable and improving safety.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved