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Autistic Boy Builds World’s Largest Lego Titanic Replica

At 10 years old, Brynjar Karl Bigisson of Reykjavik, Iceland, was inspired to build something big, but he couldn’t decide what it would be. One day, his grandfather took him on a fishing trip and he became obsessed with ships. That’s when his idea started to take form. He chose to focus his creative energy on the Titanic and he learned all there was to know about it.

The Vision

He already had an interest in the Titanic, but when Brynjar’s mother took him to Legoland in Denmark, he knew exactly what he wanted to build. He knew building the Titanic out of legos would be a huge undertaking, so he enlisted the help of his grandfather and his mother because they each had an inspiring hand in the idea.

Titanic Museum Attraction


When people hear that Brynjar is on the autism spectrum, they may wonder how he accomplished such a feat. What people don’t understand is that his condition actually enabled the 10-year-old Brynjar to focus his energy on the goal and see it through to finish. In fact, he said he embraced his autism through the building of this project.

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A Little Help

Young Brynjar didn’t have to go through this project alone. He had help! His grandfather, Ludvik Ogmundsson, was an engineer who scaled down blueprints for the build and his mother, Bjarney, helped raise funds for the 56,000 legos. Together, the three of them put together the world’s largest lego replica of the Titanic.

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Titanic Tour

Over the last 5 years, the lego Titanic has been on tour to different exhibits. It’s traveled from Norway to Germany and many places in between. This is the first time it has traveled to the United States. Brynjar has traveled along with his creation. “When I started the building process, I had a person helping me in school in every step that I took, but today, I’m studying without any support,” Brynjar said. “My grades have risen, and my classmates consider me as their peer. I have had the opportunity to travel and explore and meet wonderful people.”

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Museum Display

In order to be shipped to the United States, the lego Titanic replica had to be broken down into three pieces. Once it arrived at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Tennessee, it was carefully put back together and put on display. It will remain there until December 2019. Brynjar thinks the setting and lighting make this the best display place on the tour so far.

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