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This Baby And Bulldog Are Basically Siblings

baby and bulldog

Babies are cute. Dogs are cute. But what is cuter is babies and dogs together!
A few weeks after Ivette Ivens gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Dilan, she added another family member to the mix! It was fate when she happened to find an adorable French Bulldog that was born on the same day as her son! She certainly didn’t need to sleep on the decision to bring the puppy home.

She named the puppy Farley and he is no doubt an Ivens! For Ivette, it is like having two kids because both her baby and puppy are inseparable and practically siblings! They definitely have similar habits, as they both crawl/walk at the same level and love to chew anything in sight!

The rest of the unusual pair’s story continues after the jump.

If there was a sign from the universe that the mother needed to adopt the Bulldog, giving him the same birthdate as her newborn certainly was it!

baby and bulldog

Now, the duo are two peas in a pod and are both figuring out life together!

Dilan and Farley do everything together, they probably think they are the same species!

baby and bulldog

Babies and puppies basically do the same things all day…

They play together, nap together

baby and bulldog

Apparently Farley even tries to limit his snoring when sleeping beside Dilan!

Their love for each other is so genuine!

baby and bulldog

It is so heartwarming how much they care about each other!

Farley understands that he needs to be gentle around the newborn

baby and bulldog

But the Bulldog himself is a baby so he can be clumsy too!

Dilan certainly is one happy baby and loves having his puppy around!

baby and bulldog

Farley is always making his best friend laugh!

Farley helps Ivette out with Dilan by cleaning up his messes!

baby and bulldog

He also knows how to make Dilan stop crying by licking his neck!

Dilan and Farley have an unusual bond that you wouldn’t expect!

baby and bulldog

Ivette was so right to follow her gut and adopt this Bulldog!

Source: Bowwow Times

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