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Meet Bacon: The Dog Whose Facial Expressions Will Have You Cracking Up

What’s the secret to gaining thousands of Instagram followers? It’s easy, just be a hilarious dog who happens to have more facial expressions than the average human being! Meet Bacon (@thebaconator on Insta), a Pekingese/Dachshund/Chihuahua mix who will have you giggling away at his adorable faces.

When Someone Asks You for A Bite

If you ever wonder about the face you make when your lunch partner reaches over with their little fork to try and get a taste of your food, this is it. While humans have to be polite, Bacon’s face says the three words we’re actually thinking: Back off bud!


Another Work Week Begins

Talk about the Sunday Scaries. This millennial-coined phrase refers to the feeling you get on Sunday when you know the weekend is about to end and the work week is inevitably going to begin. You just have to curl up and try to enjoy the last few hours of freedom you have left. Bacon embodies the emotion perfectly.


Oh No, Not Like This!

That report you had two weeks to do was pushed out of your mind by a mountain of neverending paperwork. Your boss just sent you an email asking where it is and wants to see it immediately. But… you haven’t even started it. Oh, and your coffee cup is empty. Gasp!


Say What?!

You’re lying if you try to deny that this is the exact face you make when your best friend spills all the juicy gossip from the weekend. The only difference is, you do a full head turn once she mentions the wild story is about your other best friend.


It’s The Freakin’ Weekend, Baby!

Bacon is the perfect model of every human once the clock strikes 5 o’clock on a Friday. You get a little loopy, become increasingly ecstatic, and lose all sense of facial control as you proudly skip through the exit door. In fact, his facial expressions look like what happens immediately after. *Cough, cough, happy hour, cough*


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