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You Never Seen Bad Luck Until You’ve Met The Man Attacked By A Shark, A Bear & A Rattlesnake

Dylan McWilliams is just like any other 20 year old. He enjoys the outdoors and traveling, and sometimes he runs into a little bit of trouble. The only difference with Dylan is that he’s had some unlucky encounters with wildlife. He’s been bitten by a shark, a bear, and a rattlesnake, all within a span of four years.

The Shark Attack

Dylan was body boarding off the island of Kauai, Hawaii, when he felt something hit his board. He looked and realized it was a tiger shark! He started kicking at the shark underneath his board, hitting it at least once, while heading for the shore.

Neil Hammerschlag

Luckily, he made it out of the water with only a wound on his leg, which called for seven stitches at the local hospital.

And The Bear Attack

As if being bitten by a shark wasn’t enough, Dylan was camping in Colorado, when a black bear entered his camp. While he was sleeping, the bear bit him on the head, waking him instantly. Instinctively, he reached up and poked the bear in the eye, stunning him long enough to escape.

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The wound from that adventure cost him 9 staples in his head.

… And Then The Rattlesnake Strike

When a shark, a bear, and a rattlesnake are all in the same story, you’re probably waiting for the punchline. Surely, this is a joke, right? Wrong! While the odds of Dylan being attacked by a shark and a bear in such a short timeframe are pretty low, add in a rattlesnake attack and the odds are downright impossible.


When Dylan got bit by a rattlesnake in the desert, hiking in Utah, he was sick for a few days. The odds of all this happening to one person are about 893 quadrillion to one. We’re not sure if Dylan is unlucky for the attacks, or lucky because he’s survived! What do you think?

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