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Firefighters Resuscitates Unconscious Dog Saved from House Fire

Firefighters from Bakersfield Fire Department in California responded to a house fire and had to revive an unresponsive dog named Jack using a specialized animal oxygen mask after the puppy inhaled too much smoke.

The video of the said rescue was posted by the fire department on Facebook and it had since gone viral, getting over 700,000 views in the fire department’s Facebook page alone.

The caption on the Facebook post explained what transpired on the day of the rescue and what the firefighters did to help the unconscious dog, saying that they “revived the pet using a specialized animal oxygen mask and high flow oxygen.”

Jack’s owner, Jeff Garnett, had the Bakersfield Girl Scouts to thank considering that the group raised money a year ago to ensure that every fire truck will have the specialized mask for use in rescuing canine animals.

“Pets play a significant part in everyone’s life these days, now pets are family members and people will go through harm’s way to protect their pet,” BFD Battalion Chief John Frando told

Jack survived the ordeal, thanks to the effort of the firefighters who responded the call.

“He’s my family, he’s my guy, he waits for me every night when I come home,” Garnett said on his relationship with the dog.

As regards Jack accidental popularity, Garnett shared: “He’s crazy you know, but he’s fun, everyone in our neighborhood knows Jack.”

In a recent statement posted on the fire department’s Facebook page, the firefighters announced that “Jack has significantly improved. Jack spent the night receiving extensive oxygen therapy and suffered some respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet, but is doing well now under a veterinarian’s care. Jack was reunited with his owners today and had a special visitor, BFD Fire Engineer Matt Smith (FS 1 C), who carried the canine from his burning home.”

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved