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A Stunning Bald Eagle Rescue In Philadelphia, The City Of Liberty

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The bald eagle is the majestic symbol of the United States. When one is sighted in the wild it’s an exciting and patriotic sight. This is even truer when one is spotted just a half hour or so from one of the most historic of American cities, Philadelphia, where the liberty bell resides and the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Though typically humans are advised not to get to close to these wild birds whose talons and claws can cause serious damage, sometimes it just can’t be helped. When a local biker named Dandon Miller saw an eagle stranded in a street who needed help he jumped into action. The results charmed the internet and likely saved the eagle’s life.

The Bald Eagle Was Stuck In Traffic

The large bird, who ultimately weighed in at 15 pounds, was initially spotted in the middle of a busy road. He was just sitting there, between moving cars. Traffic slowed and backed up as onlookers gawked, took photos with their cell phones and tried to urge the bird forward. In response to this stimulus, the bird became agitated and opened her wings but never moved out of the way.

Finding A Way To Help

When Miller came along he knew that something needed to be done. As he considered how to help, he worried that the agitated animal would hurt him with its giant beak and talons. Ultimately, he approached the bird and allowed it time to calm down. It must have known he was there to help because, as he wrapped it in his flannel shirt for his own protection, the bird didn’t react violently at all. Instead, the eagle calmly allowed him to restrain it and then to hold it for almost an hour until 911 and a bird rescue group arrived to help. Holding our nation’s national symbol must have been quite a privilege for Miller, who loves animals and clearly had the bird’s well-being at heart.

The Eagle’s Injury And Treatment

When the raptor rescue organization Tri-State Bird Rescue arrived on the scene. They diagnosed that the bird had soft tissue injuries and an injury to one of her eyes, both of which prevented her from flying. Tri-state immediately took the bird back to their center and began treatment. They further calmed and evaluated the bird, determined the best course of action, and ultimately provided the treatment that was needed. Now they’ll work with the bird to get him back to health.

All of this work isn’t cheap. The rescue took the opportunity to remind the public that the good work it does for this eagle and all of its other birds can only happen with the help of dedicated donors. They reminded people of how to support the organization through their website.

Miller Is Recognized As A Hero

This rescue was widely publicized and stories got to the heart of what made this rescue so special. The understood that when Miller saw an animal in need he didn’t just drive on by. In fact, he went so far to give the shirt off of his back and took significan time to make sure the animal was ok. Writing on ABC 7 New York’s Facebook page, called Miller “A true hero.” Another viewer, Lillian Kullis posted a quick but sincere “God Bless You.

Praise didn’t just come from fans. Peta has honored Miller with their “Compassionate Action” award. All of this is fitting praise for someone who stopped what he was doing and stepped into traffic to save America’s national bird.

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