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Barber Follows 6-year Old Autistic Boy Around While Giving Him a Haircut

Franz Jacob, a 45-year-old Canadian barber would normally have his customers sit down while giving them a haircut, but not with a 6-year-old boy who suffers from autism.

According to Inside Edition, the barber was recently “photographed lying on his side to give 6-year old Wyatt Lafrenière a trim.” This is no surprise to Jacob as he knows the little boy suffers from autism and has been one of his regular customers.

Wyatt’s mom, Fauve Lafrenière, said that the boy “doesn’t like to be touched. It’s always hard for the hairdresser to do a right job, and I have to deal with a meltdown after.”

In an effort to make a positive experience for the little boy, Franz has been observing the boy since he came in and has found ways to adopt while he gives the boy a haircut.

Mrs. Lafrenière also commented that Franz “takes the time to make Wyatt feel comfortable. He doesn’t push too far and doesn’t lose his patience. He always has a super big smile for my son when we come. They are really cute together.

Having the neurodevelopmental disorder means Wyatt has a hard time interacting socially. He also has a repetitive and restrictive behavior making it hard to deal with.

Asked about the photograph, Fauve said: “Each time [Wyatt is] coming here, there’s always a sequence where he’s on the floor.” When the little boy does that, Franz follows him around and “gets right down on the floor with him.”

Asked about his great move to make the child feel better, the barber says it’s all part of his job whether he is cutting a famous rock star’s hair or a boy like Wyatt.

“For me, it’s the same extra mile I’m doing all the time. If it’s for an autistic kid and I have to go on the floor, I will just do it. I don’t mind. I’m a barber, I’m supposed to do that.”

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