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Barnyard Boogie: Video Of Mini Horse Dancing The Moonwalk Becomes Viral Sensation

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You have probably seen Michael Jackson “moonwalk,” but have you ever seen a miniature horse perform the popular dance move? In February 2019, Martha, a miniature horse at R&R Ranch in Chesterfield, Missouri had Instagram users crying tears of laughter in a viral video. She’s now the best “moonwalker” in town.

Rescuing A Unique Horse

Martha was born with dwarfism, which involves many health issues, including problems with her legs. Because of her condition, she was abused by her previous owner, who neglected her and left her to become infested with lice. Once R&R Ranch, specializing in abused miniature horses, learned about the horse, they had to save her.

In January 2019, Martha was brought to her new home. She had a round of antibiotics to fight her infections, and her hooves were trimmed to keep them healthy. Once she started to feel better, Martha’s personality emerged, but the ranch staff had no idea she was such a unique horse.

Capturing Her Vivacity

R&R Ranch staff managed to capture Martha’s hilarious vivacity on tape, which they then shared on the ranch’s Instagram account (@randrranchminis). The viral post, which reached over 400,000 viewers, told everyone to get ready to “pee in your pants. This is pure gold. Move over MJ (Michael Jackson), there’s a new moonwalker in town.”

Martha couldn’t stop running around the horse stable and performing the “moonwalk.” Instagram users commented that the video made their day. One user added, “She is the best therapy for happiness.”

Spreading Awareness

R&R Ranch is happy Martha is making others smile, but staff members hope the viral videos send a message about miniature horses. They hope people become more aware of the ways the horses are abused, neglected, or objectified every day. In a sense, Martha is dancing for a good cause—not just to make people laugh.

More and more horse ranches are choosing to educate people about caring for miniature horses. They are abused and neglected by owners and breeders just because of their size. As R&R Ranch posts more adorable videos of its horses, people will hopefully learn to respect all horses, no matter their size.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved