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These Ordinary Household Items Have The Online Market’s Attention

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When looking to sell some items online, usually you’d select something with obvious worth, like a rare antique or the latest game console. However, when it comes to making money on eBay and other online stores, some of the most basic discarded items hanging around your home can earn you some astonishing amounts of cash.

1. Discontinued Merchandise

The ’70s had the pet rock, the ’80s had Lite Brites, and the ’90s had tons upon tons of pogs. When folks uncover these relics of yesteryear in the attic, they likely imagine they’re not worth much beyond a few pennies. And that’s where they’re wrong. These obsolete toys are going for mind-boggling sums of money on eBay.

Money on ebay


One eBay user by the name of siflollydc is selling their pog collection for $300. That long-neglected pet rock can earn you some cash as well: user mallory_keaton is selling a used pet rock for $50, though the original packaging does show a lot of wear. A mint condition one can probably go for a lot more money.

2. Vintage Instruction Manuals

Back in the day, instruction manuals were the difference between assembling a piece of furniture or being forever lost. These days, if the manual is absent from the packaging, there’s usually no reason to panic — just search YouTube or Google. But when manuals meant everything, they’d usually get stashed away, saved in case the item needed to be repaired.

Money on ebay


That said, it isn’t a shocking notion that a lot of these manuals would end up sticking around longer than the items that they were meant for. Instead of tossing these vintage manuals out, sell them on eBay. One user got $10 dollars just for an old manual. You never know!

3. Giant Pine Cones

While it’s easy to take a fallen pine cone for granted, there are more than enough individuals out there that dream about these decorative seed packages. Next time you find yourself walking down a forest path, you might want to think twice before kicking one of these pine cones aside.

Money on ebay


Apparently, you can make a few bucks with these seed pods by selling them on eBay. However, don’t try to sell any old pine cone: you need to find a giant one. One 12-inch pine cone sold for $15 dollars. One eBay user was able to sell seven medium sized pine cones for $10 dollars. All this just for something dropped by a tree!

4. Used and Retro Clothes

One person’s tattered and faded jacket can totally be another person’s treasure. Instead of throwing out those old clothes or passing them down to a sibling, you can put them on eBay and make a handsome profit. The older and the better condition they’re in, the more they sell for.

money on ebay


One person collected $147 after selling a bulk of her daughter’s summer clothes. Men’s clothing seems to be going for a significantly less amount, as one individual sold a bulk of men’s clothes for only $100. However, retro clothes prove to always a big hit: ’80s “Members-Only” jackets and sweaters are selling for up to $50.

5. Box Tops For Education

So what’s the big connection between cereals, Pilsbury toaster strudels and pizza pockets? The mark of the Box Tops for Education initiative can be found on all of these products. By simply cutting out the box top and sending it to a local school, you can earn them 10 cents towards school supplies.

Money on ebay


Though this may seem trivial, you’d be surprised how it can turn out to be useful. Often, schools will throw competitions and offer prizes to kids who can collect the most box tops. This leaves parents dashing to scan eBay for a bulk of Box Tops for Education. One person sold 1,500 of these tops for $125.

6. Gift Cards

Gift cards are huge sellers, especially when it comes to birthdays and holidays. While some luck out and get gift cards to places they actually like, others aren’t so lucky. A health enthusiast can easily end up with a McDonald’s gift card. Instead of throwing it out or giving it away, they can make some money on eBay.

Money on ebay


While you won’t get the full value of the card, it’s better than just letting the card sit around to gather dust. A $50 Ruby Tuesday restaurant gift card recently sold for $45.99. Based off of other gift cards being sold on eBay, it seems most people take five dollars off the gift card price when putting them up for sale.

7. Television Remotes

If any product is evolving at an amazing pace, it’s television. According to the site PC Gamer, during holidays like Black Friday, television set deals are the most impressive. As new TVs are brought into households, it usually means that the old ones are being tossed out.

Money on ebay


Usually, an array of remotes get thrown out along with these televisions. Sadly, while there are some people who chuck their remotes, there are others who break theirs and actually have to change the channel manually like it’s 1968. That’s why one can rake in some money on eBay by selling: one person earned $19.49 by selling their humble aged television remote.

8. Dentures

When considering items that probably won’t sell very good for secondhand use, dentures would probably rank right up at the top of that list. However, you’ll be quite surprised that there is in fact a demand for used dentures — and they sell for quite an impressive price.



A pair of dentures can easily sell in the triple digits. One eBay user sold their vintage false teeth for $202. Denture supplies can make money on eBay too: three packs of custom grip thermoplastic denture adhesive were listed as selling for about $245. When buying dentures online, you can rest assured that they’re cleaned before being sold…usually.

9. Magazines

Both retro and new magazines are massive hits going for some serious money on eBay, especially if you have a bulk of them. Something that should be taken into consideration when selling them, is their condition, the featured articles, and the age. All magazines sell, but the older the collection, the better.

Money on ebay


One eBay user is selling 40 TV Guides for the astonishing price of $676.40, another user is selling their massive Playboy magazine collection for a whopping $22,500, and a vintage WWF magazine collection is currently being sold for $800. If you have a pile of magazines lying around in your garage, you might want to think of trading them in for some fast cash.

10. Empty Egg Cartons

We promise we’re not yoking around. Empty egg cartons are an unexpected hit on eBay. This item is highly useful for students and other people who have a love for arts and crafts. However, they are actually also in demand for the very same people who sell the eggs in the first place.

Money on ebay


Empty egg cartons are making some people a nice profit. One eBay user sold 40 clean empty egg cartons for $24.99. Another user made $27.03 by selling 20 clear egg cartons. One of the best things about selling egg cartons is that they don’t take up a lot of room, fitting perfectly into each other.

11. Pig-Themed Merchandise

Looking for fresh replacements, you take down the decorations in your home, usually tossing the old stuff out. However, if it’s pig-themed stuff, you might want to think twice. From among all the farm animals, pigs have become a huge sensation in recent culture. Never mind the pig’s dirty reputation, because these kitsch items are especially popular in kitchens.

Money on ebay


From the looks of it, one can bring home a tidy profit by selling pig-themed merchandise on eBay. Someone managed to sell two piglet figures for $88.05 on eBay. Another user was able to make $69.99 off of a 17-inch pig statue.

12. Old Coffee Mugs

Whether for office use or for the daily cup of Joe at home, people are always on the lookout for the perfect coffee mug that best expresses who they are. Maybe they’ll aim for something decorated with a favorite TV show or inspiring quote. This alone makes coffee cups extremely popular on eBay.

Money on ebay


It’s important to remember that somewhere out there, there is someone searching out the exact coffee mug that you are looking to discard. Single coffee mugs have been known to sell in the triple digits. For example, one coffee mug being sold by a user named yuukunz is going for $1,259.

13. Empty Boxes

If there’s anything that looks like it’d have zero worth, it’s definitely old moving boxes. Once you move and unpack, they usually get shredded up and thrown into the garbage. However, that doesn’t have to be their fate. You can make a handy little profit off these boxes and help someone in need.

money on ebay


Currently, one user is selling 25 empty moving boxes for $21.99. Seeing as there are hundreds upon hundreds of boxes being sold online at any given moment, it seems the demand for these items is shockingly high. Everyone has to move at some point, so the need for these boxes will never cease.

14. The Original Furby

One of the biggest, and perhaps creepiest, sensations from the late 1990s was the Furby doll. According to the website Bustle, the toy industry was never the same once Furbies hit the shelves. These bizarre creature dolls required playtime and human interaction in order to expand their vocabulary.

Money on ebay


A glitch in the original product led to many Furbies being recalled. But if you happen to have one of the original dolls, you can end up with a few extra bucks in your pocket. Currently, original Furbies that are still in their original packaging are being sold on eBay for around $1,000!

15. Old Computer Software

If you have a lonesome Apple computer from the 1980s or early 1990s being stored in your basement, you might as well sell it and its software on eBay. While it might be obsolete to you, you’d be surprised at how many people still treasure the old black and green screen, and would be glad to take it off your hands.

Money on ebay

One eBay user has sold just his software disk for $19.99, and a Windows Drivers Recovery and Restore disk was sold by another for $8.95. If you think the fact that outdated software can actually get decent money on eBay is surprising, you’ll be blown away when you see how much a full computer can go for. One eBay user sold his Radio Shack TRS-80 Micro Computer for $1,000.

16. Empty Perfume Bottles

Sometimes, the most endearing aspect of perfume is the bottle that it comes in. Some of them are so exquisite and unique that it’s a shame to throw them out once the perfume is all out. If this thought has ever come to your mind, you’re not alone — and there’s a market for those empty bottles.

Money on ebay


Alternatively, you can sell them on eBay for a tidy sum of cash. Currently on eBay, an empty Guerlain perfume bottle is selling for $28.95. So what might buyers want with these empty bottles? Many of these elegant glass bottles go on to be reused in any number of arts and crafts projects.

17. Makeup and Perfume Samples

Cosmetics companies love nothing more than to fill your mailbox with an endless stream of makeup and perfume samples. These samples will give you a brief glimpse at how nice these brands of lipstick and eye shadow can be. Of course, the samples they send rarely last more than a couple days.

Money on ebay


Many people just toss those samples away the minute they find them in the mail, but they could be actually making a profit with them. Some eBay users are selling mail samples in bulk, and receiving as much as $1,000 for them. One eBay user was noted selling an array of perfume samples for $400.

18. Coconut M&M’s

In general, discontinued candy is a smash hit when it comes to sales on eBay. However, all the other candies out there pale in comparison to the popularity of M&M’s, and at the top of the list for the most hotly-desired discontinued candy are the long-gone Coconut M&M’s.

Money on ebay


These tasty little gems first hit the shelves in 2009, stole some hearts, and then just as quickly faded completely into obscurity. Though coconut flavor can raise disagreements for some, there’s clearly a serious market out there for these fossil candies, as they are currently selling for as much as $100 on eBay.

19. K-Cups

If you own or have owned a Keurig coffee maker, you’ve undeniably come across a vast number of K-cups. Anyone who knows anything about K-cups knows that the best and most cost-efficient way to buy them is in bulk. But often, those Keurig coffee makers die out, and that can leave people with a whole lot of leftover K-cups.

Money on ebay


Instead of throwing these K-cups in the garbage, even a partially full box of them can sell for some money on eBay. An opened box with 23 pods recently was sold for $18. Sometimes, a variety of boxes or discontinued flavors can sell for even more.

20. My Coke Codes Rewards

While Coke Rewards caps and codes don’t mean a whole lot to someone who only indulges in Cola occasionally, the die-hard soda drinkers out there will stop at nothing to get these rewards. If you save all the caps and codes, you can sell them on eBay and actually have an audience for it.

Money on ebay

Mr. Goody/Instagram

By saving up a number of bottle caps and sending them in a plastic baggy, you can get some nice pocket change. One person sold 300 rewards points for $5.99. Another person earned a bit more by selling rewards codes on eBay, managing to earn a total of $6.09.

21. Broken Electronics and Appliances

Sadly, with time everything must go. That means your once brand new, cutting-edge Super Nintendo, your old trusty laptop of yesteryear, your old phones, and even your blender will all bite the dust at some point and never switch back on again. Overnight, a treasured electronic item can turn into a piece of junk. But these once-beloved items don’t have to end up in a scrap yard somewhere.

Money on ebay


They can also be sold on eBay to master repairers, who get their kicks by bringing damaged goods back to life. One eBay user sold their broken blender on eBay for $50. But before putting your broken laptop up for sale, we recommend thinking twice about selling something that could have some of your banking details on it.

22. Craft Supplies

Arts and crafts are a huge deal for many different people, especially for school teachers and the children in their classes. Believe it or not, they are often on eBay scanning the website for both vintage and new patterns, knitting needles, thread, buttons, and an array of other potential crafts.

Money on ebay

If you have a box of lace, for example, or other supplies that can be of use as a craft table, you might want to think of putting them up on eBay. A bundle of sandcast trade bead strands recently sold on eBay for $72.50. Another person was able to sell some leather supplies, rhinestones, and conchos for $39.

23. Old VHS Tapes

Believe it or not, those VHS tapes that you haven’t touched in almost two decades aren’t completely destined for a retirement on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There are a number of people on eBay that would love to give your VHS tapes a home where they can be fully appreciated.

Ebay movies


It goes without saying that when it comes to VHS collections selling on eBay, Disney is where most of the money’s at. One person is selling a mere 24 videos for a jaw-dropping $1,250. A single VHS of Bambi is currently on sale for $250. Furthermore, the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS is selling for $54.99.

24. Used Toilet Paper Rolls

Even the most random and seemingly useless items can strike sales on eBay. Surprisingly, used toilet paper rolls are a huge seller on the website. According to a blog by Lauren Greutman, one person was actually able to sell a collection of 250 empty toilet paper rolls for $54.99.



The reason behind the success of used toilet paper rolls is that school kids often need them for arts and crafts. For this reason alone, they are in high demand, especially amid elementary school teachers. If you have enough of these rolls lying around, you can make a profit and help some kids in the process.

25. Old Cords and Cables

With technology rapidly evolving, we end up constantly replacing our phones, laptops, and video game consoles. All those changes mean lots of leftover equipment. For some inexplicable reason, those cords and cables usually end up horded away into a desk drawer somewhere, never to be used again.

Money on ebay


No need to waste the space. Many people are putting these dated cords for sale on sites like eBay, and are finding that they’re actually in high demand. One eBay user earned a full $10.49 by selling a PowerConnect Car Power Charger Cord. Someone else sold their used Nokia phone charger on eBay, and raked in $15.00 in return.

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