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5 Beach Hacks To Prepare You For An Awesome Spring Break Trip

Spring break might seem like it’s a long time away when you’re fighting the winter blues, but don’t worry. You’ll be relaxing by the beach before you know it. If you’re planning to travel to the beach, learn these five hacks that will be useful when you’re playing in the sand.

Cell Phone Tip

Cell phones are now a necessity, even when you’re going to the beach. But you don’t want sand to get on your iPhone. To keep your phone clean, place it in a plastic sandwich bag. The touchscreen will still work through the plastic, and you’ll easily be able to use your iPhone without ruining it in sand or water.

Take Baby Powder

It might be fun to play in the sand while you’re at the beach. But once you’re ready to leave, it always seems to take a long time for sand to fall off your body. Keep a bottle of baby powder with you. The powder takes moisture off your skin and hair, easily shaking sand away from you.

A Useful Beach Towel

Beach towels are necessary while visiting the beach, but sometimes they blow away in the wind. Make your towels useful by sewing pockets onto them. You can store items (like jewelry or small bottles of sunscreen) in the pockets, but most importantly, the items help weigh down the towels. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Extra Storage

There aren’t many options for storage when you’re going to the beach. To keep your jewelry or hair ties in one place, bring an empty pill bottle and store it in your beach bag. The pill bottle is the perfect size to store small items. You’ll always know where your belongings are, no matter what.

Emergency Sunburn Relief

Spending the day at the beach is fun at the time, but you might later regret the decision when you experience severe sunburn pain. Just in case you forgot to bring aloe vera on your trip, you can use cold yogurt. Place plain cold yogurt on your sunburn for about 10 minutes. It will help relieve the pain and you’ll feel more relaxed.

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