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Bear Rescued From Flooded Cage Gives Rescuers A Huge Surprise

The last thing you would expect to see as you arrive at a restaurant is a cage of brown bears. But, that was the scene outside a restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia. It seemed like this was the forever home for the bears— until a surprise miracle shocked everyone. Learn more about how these bears were brought to safety and their special little surprise.

10 Years Too Late

Dasha, a brown bear, was caged in a cramped metal cage for 10 years with her mate, Misha. Located next to a restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia, the cage forced the bears to climb the cage bars to beg diners for any scraps of food. This isn’t an ideal living condition, especially considering it would often flood…

International Animal Rescue via The Armenian Weekly

Climbing Toward Safety

The bears would often pace around the cage, looking for ways to cope with the stress of being caged for so many years. It didn’t help that the cage would flood, with water rising up to the bears’ shoulders. There was nowhere to escape, and it seemed nothing would ever change— until someone decided to step in.

International Animal Rescue via Daily Mail

To The Rescue

In November 2017, the International Animal Rescue (IAR) and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) persuaded the restaurant owners to surrender the bears. The bears were saved from the cage and then transferred to a wildlife sanctuary nestled in the Armenian mountainside.

But, this wasn’t the only good news for Dasha…

International Animal Rescue via Daily Mail

A Surprise Delivery

Because bears hibernate for multiple months, once the bears arrived at the sanctuary, they were ushered into their hibernation dens. Once Dasha emerged a few months later, however, two surprises followed her: two healthy bear cubs.

When she was rescued, caretakers had no idea Dasha was pregnant. It must have been a huge surprise to see the new cubs!

@FPWC_news via Twitter

A Bright Future

Vicky Mkrtchyan, an environmental projects coordinator at FPWC, had no idea Dasha was pregnant with cubs, claiming she thought the bear’s good appetite after being rescued was from her years of starving for food.

But, now there’s a bright future for Dasha and her tiny family. The cubs are happy and healthy, and luckily they were born in a clean environment!

International Animal Rescue via Goodfullness


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