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The Most Beautiful And Unusual Food Creations You’ll Ever See

Psychedelic Salad Rolls

Just because we can, doesn’t always mean that we should. That is especially true when it comes to food. These days it seems like some people are taking food innovation to an extreme level. Some of these foods are beautiful, while some creations are just odd. Unicorn food tends to be all the craze these days, but we promise not to bombard you all with too many rainbows and sprinkles. From uniquely-concocted drinks and the most expensive desserts, to outlandishly topped pizzas and sacrilege-flavored donuts, read on to discover some of the most beautiful and unusual food creations ever made.

1. Unicorn Pizza

This amazing concoction is known as the Pop Candy Land Pizza. It’s essentially rainbow colored dough covered in vanilla frosting, sprinkles and Pop Rocks and topped with blue and pink cotton candy. This pizza is made by Industry Kitchens in New York City and will set you back $18.

Unusual food

According to those that have tried the amazingly colorful unicorn pizza, it tastes more like a giant sugar cookie than any type of pizza. If you have a huge sweet tooth, then maybe this is the pizza for you.

2. Pikachu Curry

Craving some delicious curry and rice? Why not try this delectable Pikachu curry, available at the Pokémon Café in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district. The café provides a wide array of Pokémon themed dishes and even has a souvenir shop attached to it.

Unusual food

This Pokémon inspired curry dish costs $13.36. The Pokémon Café in Nihonbashi is the first permanent Pokémon Café in the world, as opposed to the temporary café in Shibuya. Other items on the menu include Eevee burgers, Mimikyu crepes, and Pokémon themed drinks.

3. Fish and Chips Ice Cream

No, this isn’t a basket of England’s famous fish and chips. This is actually fish and chips ice cream… Take a moment to let that sink in. The fish of the ice cream is made from cream cod flavored ice cream shaped into a fish fillet.

Unusual food

The company that makes the odd ice creams says that it “will be a taste of the British seaside in a lick.” Still, that doesn’t sound too appealing. It sounds salty, fishy and moist… not a great combination for a successful dessert.

4. Pancake Drink

Many times we find ourselves in a rush in the morning without time to stop for a minute and eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day. So why not swing by a nearby vending machine to get some breakfast?

Unusual food

The Robot Chef

This unusual beverage is a warm pancake-flavored shake, otherwise called the Morinaga pancake(hotcake), made by the Morinaga Corporation in Japan. The yummy pancake drink sold for a mere dollar in vending machines around Japan, but sadly has since been discontinued.

5. Mayonnaise Ice Cream

In another fine example of “you probably shouldn’t have made that,” we give you mayonnaise flavored ice cream. The people behind this frankenfection shall remain anonymous as they might be met with violent reactions for what they have done.

Unusual food

The Daily Mail

When news broke of the mayonnaise ice cream invention on Twitter, users were shook. One user wrote, “I’m going to report this page for hate content. How dare you desecrate the honor of ice cream with this monstrosity?! Ew! No! recoils in horror.”

Did you think these food creations are outlandish, wait until you see what’s next!

6. Panbo Pancakes

This amazingly beautiful shish kebab doesn’t contain any meat; it’s actually pancakes and fruit! The breakfast delight is made by Kawaii Panbo in Osaka, Japan. The new craze, called skewered pancake, is taking the city of Osaka by storm.

Unusual food


A large Panbo pancake costs around $7.25, while a small pancake on a stick costs just $5.42. Each Panbo pancake is made by the staff and then customers can put on as many sauces and toppings as they please.

7. Ice Cream Sundae

This classy looking dessert comes not only with a sundae, it also comes with a black steel and white gold Mauboussin ring which is worth $530 itself. This glass of delectable wonders is available at Bagatelle in New York City and costs a whopping $1,000!

Unusual food

If you think that the steep $1,000 price tag on this sundae is a bit extreme, just wait. This sundae isn’t anywhere close to being the most expensive dessert item ever sold at a restaurant. You’ll have to read on to find out what the most expensive dessert is.

8. Kit Kat Pizza

This dessert pizza is made with a very unusual topping: Kit Kats. And not just any Kit Kat! These Kit Kats are custard pudding flavored. The pizza is topped along with mixed nuts, Gorgonzola cheese sauce, a honey maple sauce and mango slices.

Unusual food

Those who haven’t been to Japan might be surprised with this dessert pizza, but what you might not have known is that the Japanese are obsessed with their Kit Kats. There are over 15 different flavors available, from fruit flavors, vegetables, desserts and even odd flavors like wasabi.

9. Sushi Donuts

It’s not enough to just have food. We must make our food look like other food! Ya know, just for the fun of it. This is a good example of that. They may be shaped like donuts, but in fact, they are actually sushi.

Unusual food

The rice is formed into the donut shape of the bread and topped with all the ingredients that you would find inside a sushi roll. These colorful Asian delights have been spotted in Australia’s Sydney markets.

10. Cotton Candy Pizza

This unique dish is a thin-crust, three-cheese pizza with a honey ginger sauce drizzled on the top and a large heaping of fluffy pink cotton candy on top. Sound appetizing? Yeah… probably not, but it does, in fact, make for a nice picture.

Unusual food


The hot honey ginger sauce is poured while it’s still hot “so that it forms a slippery layer of goo atop the crust that kind of looks like freshly melted cheese.” This photogenic pizza is served during cherry blossom season at Schmatz Beer Dining branches in Tokyo, Japan.

11. Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage

This may look like just your ordinary pile of sausages at the grocery store with a randomly misplaced bag of skittles on it, but all is not what it appears. If you look closely at the name of the sausages you’ll understand why.

Unusual food

These sausages actually have skittles inside of them! “The Skittles, instead of being hard when we throw them in there, they break down in the cooking process and give you a really sweet flavor as you bite into it,” says the owner of Blue Max Meats.

12. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Now, this is the world’s most expensive dessert. It even won itself a place in the Guinness World Records for its steep $25,000 price tag. If you have some extra pocket change laying around then this might just be the dessert for you.

Unusual food

E! News

Orders must be made at least two weeks in advance and as the owner of dessert explained, “Everything is created for the order. The truffle has to be flown in from France; we order the cocoas from around the world; we have the gold flown in from Switzerland, so it takes time to put it together.”

13. Chocolate Chip Water

Just because we can, doesn’t mean that we should… This unique bottle of sparkling water flavored to taste like chocolate chip cookies is a shining example of that. The sparkling concoction has been around for a while, but you wouldn’t know it unless you live near an H-E-B (a Texan supermarket chain).

Unusual food

One critic of the drink pointed out that “chocolate chip cookie sparkling water has to be the least satisfying way to enjoy the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie.” But the good news is that this sparkling water only costs 50 cents per bottle, so go ahead and give it a try.

14. The Liquid Diet

This drink might look like your average cocktail, but no, this unusual drink is actually made to taste like a hamburger. It’s made from liquid smoke, tomato water, spicy pickle juice and white castle infused rye whiskey.

Unusual food

The brim of the glass is coated in burger salt and the drink is garnished with a cherry tomato, dill pickle, and of course, the drink wouldn’t be complete without a bacon straw. Sounds savory and delicious to us!

15. Southern Comfort Burger

The southern comfort burger is a number of different southern inspired comfort foods mixed in one. The all-beef patty is stuffed with fried macaroni and cheese and drenched in a peach and Southern Comfort sauce. Sounds delicious to us!

Unusual food


Albeit, we can hear arteries hardening as we speak. This unique burger can be found at The Nook in Atlanta, Georgia. There’s nothing quite like comfort food in the South. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and check out the Southern Comfort Burger.

We’re not done yet! Keeping reading for more incredible and unusual food creations.

16. Ice Cream Ramen

This next item on the menu is exactly what you think it is, a bowl of ramen with two ice cream cones dumped in as a topping. This bowl of ramen is sold for $7 at the family-run Kikuya ramen shop in Tokyo.

Unusual food

The owner of this restaurant is famous for his odd ramen creations, which generally come at the request of the customers before they make their way to the official menu. We don’t know if this counts as creative or innovative, seeing as someone literally just dumped some ice cream cones into a bowl of ramen, but it certainly is unusual.

17. Cookie Burger

While many variations of the hamburger exist by replacing the buns with different foods, this one takes the cake for inventiveness (or pure gluttony…you choose). This is a bacon cheese burger sandwiched between two M&M cookies. Would you try it?

Unusual food

Sweet and savory do make a nice combination at times, but this might just be a little too much. At least for the digestive system, that is. This cookie burger comes to us from The Vulgar Chef’s cookbook, which is free to download.

18. Psychedelic Salad Rolls

These beautifully-colored salad rolls are essentially everything delicious about a salad rolled into a read-to-go spring roll. Easy for taking your salad and eating it on the go or with family and friends. And it’s sure to impress. .

Psychedelic Salad Rolls

The good news is that these salad rolls are just as filling as they are beautiful. This is a unique take on the traditional spring roll, and a healthier option for sure. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

19. Kopi Joss

You can find this beverage in Indonesia. It’s called ‘kopi joss’ and it’s quite literally coffee with red-hot coals dumped inside. Before you start worrying about burning your face off drinking it, just know that the coal is taken out before drinking (you’re welcome).

Unusual food


Once the coal is cooled, it is taken out of the beverage and then you’re free to drink it. The beverage helps alleviate gastrointestinal issues, but most customers drink it for the sheer novelty of seeing the ceremony of putting the coal in and then removing it.

20. The D’oh! Nut Burger

The D’oh! Nut Burger was created in homage to Homer Simpson’s love of donuts. But PYT Burgers went one step further. Already known for their crazy hamburger creations, the restaurant decided to blend a glazed donut with a cheeseburger and bacon toppings.

Unusual food


The inside of the donut is piped with melted cheddar cheese and ground beef to give it that cheeseburger taste . It’s also garnished with delicious bacon bits. It certainly looks delicious, but we advise checking with your doctor before consuming one of these D’oh! Nuts…. can’t be good for the arteries.

You still haven’t seen it all! Continue reading for more beautiful and creative food creations.

21. Unicorn Noodles

Want to try some rainbow colored noodles? Well, you don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant or jump on a flight to Japan to try them. You can make these noodles at home with just a few simple ingredients.

Unusual food

You don’t even need any artificial coloring (although that works too). Just boil a purple cabbage for five minutes, remove from the heat and add your noodles. After letting the noodles soak for up to ten minutes, drain the water and squeeze a lemon (or lime) over the noodles and watch as the colors change. It’s magic!

22. Kuro Burger

No, this cheeseburger hasn’t been burnt. This is the unique Kuro Diamond Burger sold by Burger King Japan. The buns get their black color from the added ingredient of black charcoal and the black sauce gets its color from squid ink.

Unusual food

The black cheeseburger reportedly tastes exactly the same as a regular cheeseburger, as the black charcoal doesn’t affect the taste or texture of the burger at all. It’s also a completely natural and safe ingredient and has been approved for children and pregnant women.

23. The ‘Nutellasagne’

The creation of this dessert, known as the Nutellasagne, was created as a joke by Robicelli’s Bakery in Brooklyn, New York. Owner Allison Robicelli says that the Nutellasagne was born as food clickbait and wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

Unusual food

But as luck would have it, the marshmallow/Nutella/lasagna-hybrid quickly went viral and hundreds of customers came flocking to her bakery trying to get a taste of the diabetes-inducing dessert. The Nutellasagne trend has since died out and Robicelli no longer makes the item. She, in her own words, says that she never wants to make it again.

24. Edible Mist

Whether mist counts as a food is debatable, but for the sake of argument, lets say it is. This European company offers a catering service that includes ‘vaporizing edible mist orbs.’ Essentially, it’s a flavored mist.

Unusual food

Scarlett Entertainment

The company boasts that the mist is zero-calorie, so it can be enjoyed guilt free. The mist comes in a variety of different flavors such as apple pie, Irish coffee, pina colada, chocolate mousse, and butterscotch fudge. You can also order a customized flavor and customize the color of the orbs.

25. The Aragog

This cocktail isn’t for the faint of heart. As you might have noticed from the name, it has to do with spiders (Aragog was the giant spider in Harry Potter). The Aragog includes a special ingredient… tarantula venom.

Unusual food


While it is technically safe for human consumption, it packs a big kick. “My mouth felt like I had just been to the dentist,” one person said after trying the unorthodox drink. Along with the venom, the drink is made with mescal, pisco, cachaça, mango juice and lemon.

This next one will have your mouth watering!

26. KFC Double Down

This one is for meat lovers everywhere. Usually when people substitute bread for something else they try a healthier food, like lettuce. But not this burger. They doubled down on the meat. Instead of buns, they used fried chicken fillets.

The burger is offered at KFC restaurants. They also offer a grilled chicken option for the bun-replacements, but in the spirit of all things American… that might be taken as unpatriotic in certain crowds. Of course, don’t forget the bacon and slices of cheese.

27. Foie the Hell of It

This savory cocktail isn’t what it appears to be. It’s named “foie the hell of it” because it includes shaved frozen foie gras terrine on the top of the beverage (that’s a luxury terms for fattened duck or goose liver). The drink consists of apple brandy, 12 year-old bourbon, lemon juice, ginger syrup, strawberry and rhubarb preserves, egg white, lemon bitters and a pinch of pepper.

Unusual food

“It’s delicious,” says Tamayo, the creator of the drink. “It sounds weird, but people seem to love it. And what better restaurant than Ox to have a drink like this.” The “foie the hell of it” can be found at Ox in Portland for a reasonable $13.

28. Cheese Burger Pizza

In case you’re having trouble deciding whether to order a pizza or a cheeseburger, Pizza Hut Middle East has you covered on both fronts. The only downside to this food is that its region specific and not available in the good ole US of A.

Unusual food

This hybrid pizza is topped with more meat, tomatoes, lettuce and more cheese of course. Pizza Hut also offers a chicken option to stuff the pods surrounding the pizza, meaning they are filled with chicken nuggets covered in cheese.

29. Florida Pizza

In an odd turn of events it appears that the state of Florida has declared war on all things pizza. This is a pizza with some very unusual (some might say disturbing or disgusting) toppings. But hey, it all probably tastes like chicken…

Unusual food


So what’s on this pizza you ask? Well it’s some native Florida wildlife, including python, alligator and frog. This monstrosity of a pizza is sold by Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida for $45 a pie and has been dubbed The Everglades Pizza.

30. Poutine

Canadians won’t find this dish unusual but the rest of us certainly do. Poutine has been dubbed the “national dish of Canada” and consists of French fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. The dish originated in the province of Quebec.

Unusual food

Numerous variations on poutine exist around the world, including poutine topped with ground beef, sausage, chicken, bacon, brisket or other smoked meats. Poutine is said to be “the perfect thing after a night of drinking.” The dish has also been called one of the greatest Canadian inventions of all time.

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