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5 Beauty Products From The Old Days That’ll Make You Laugh

The fact that women have always been on the hunt for the latest and greatest beauty product is news to no one. That being said, companies have definitely put out some… interesting products to help women achieve those beauty goals. Here are five products that we found particularly fascinating and will probably give you a laugh.

Freckle Cream

This product was intended to diminish the appearance of freckles because during this time women saw them as blemishes versus a trait to be proud of. In a time where people are embracing the freckles, and some are going so far as to have them tattooed on, it’s hard to believe that Freckle Cream is a product that existed.

The Makeup Museum

Dimple Maker

Yes, you read that right. This contraption, that looks more like it was made for torture, was intended to press down hard enough on your cheeks to make dimples. This was, of course, deemed medically unsound, but that hasn’t stopped modern beauty enthusiasts from attempting to make their own versions of this contraption.

Modern Mechanix

Beauty Micrometer

If you thought the Dimple Maker was terrifying, meet the Beauty Micrometer. This device, invented in 1932 by Maksymilian Faktorowicz, aka. makeup revolutionary Max Factor, was intended to measure every inch of your face to seek out every minor flaw. The ultimate goal of the device was to determine how to best apply a woman’s makeup. Talk about commitment.

Vintage Everyday

Slenderizing Salons

Yes, you read that right. Between the 1930s to 1940s, it was advertised that just 15 minutes on one of these vibrating machines would melt away the fat. Funny enough, this trend has yet to die; its just taken on new forms, despite scientific evidence that proves that these machines are not successful methods for weight loss.


Glamour Bonnet

Here’s another one that looks like it fell out of a horror movie. The Glamour Bonnet was intended to improve your complexion. How does it work? Well, you put a bag over your head and then a vacuum sucks all of the air out. Sounds fun right? I didn’t think so.

Modern Mechanix

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