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Study Shows Enjoying Beer, Wine, And Chocolate Can Make You Live Longer

A new study conducted by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland finds that eating anti-inflammatory foods can increase your life expectancy. That includes fruit, vegetables, whole grains — and something you might not expect. Even beer, wine, and chocolate can be beneficial. You read that right: beer, wine, and chocolate are actually good for you.

Down The Hatch

According to the study, having two to 14 servings of beer per week and two to 7 glasses of red wine can be beneficial to your health. Researchers studied 68,273 men and women in Sweden over a 16-year period. The participants were all between the ages of 45 and 83 when the study began. Over the course of the study, 16,088 participants passed away. 5,980 participants died from cardiovascular disease and 5,252 passed away from cancer.

Participants whose diets contained many anti-inflammatory foods had an 18% lower chance of dying from any cause, compared to those with who consumed fewer of those items. Their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease was 20%, and cancer was 13%.

The Benefits Of An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The key component of the findings were the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. When harmful chemicals are constantly introduced into the human body, inflammation is the immune systems first line of defense. Chronic inflammation is a known cause of cancer, Alzheimers, depression and heart disease. Smokers, in particular, appeared to benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet.

The study highlighted foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties. These include vegetables, fruit, whole grains, fatty fish, and low-fat cheese. Also on the list are olive oil, nuts, coffee, tea, chocolate, beer, and wine.

What To Avoid

Enjoying treats such as beer, wine, and chocolate in moderation is allowed, with a caveat. Processed and unprocessed meats, chips and soft drinks were categorized as inflammatory foods that should be avoided. Researchers gave a score from zero to 16 for each participant’s diet, according to the foods they consumed. A score of 16 indicated a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods. Warsaw University professor Joanna Kaluza, who led the study stated, “Our dose-response analysis showed even partial adherence to the anti-inflammatory diet may provide a health benefit.”

Looks like there’s finally a diet chocolate lovers can get behind.

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