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These Before-And-After Photos Of Rescued Dogs Will Make Your Heart Melt

There is truly nothing like the love of our dogs. While we are off going about our day-to-day business, our dogs are home, loyally waiting for our return. The power of love is real and can be seen with each pet adoption story. The distress these poor animals endure until they find their forever home is heartbreaking, but seeing the positive changes post-rescue is truly uplifting.

Willow’s Second Chance

Willow was an 11-year-old poodle whose owners decided to sell her at a Korean meat farm for $20. Before the farm was able to process her, the organization Save Korean Dogs swooped in, saving Willow and 300 other canines.

Now after a fresh bath, a full belly, and lots of love, Willow is enjoying her new life.

I Am Willow/Facebook

Belle Had Just About Given Up Hope

When Belle was rescued, she was covered in ticks. The parasites had infested her skin, leaving her weak, tired, and helpless. Thankfully those who rescued her were dedicated to showing Belle that life could be good.

These days Belle is tick free and one happy dog with her new, loving family.


Augustus Was Living On The Streets Before He Found His Home

The streets of Chicago were home for Augustus when he was finally rescued. He was so malnourished that you could see his skeleton beneath his fur, and his skin was covered with chemical burns.

With the help of an amazing medical staff, Augustus was able to tough it out and now lives a happy, healthy life with the director of the animal shelter.

Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook

You Couldn’t Even See His Face

When this poor Shih Tzu was found, he was not in good shape. His hair was so matted and overgrown that you couldn’t even see his kind eyes, his teeth were rotted, and he was weak from malnourishment. Thankfully, medical professionals were able to help him overcome his difficulties and find him a loving home.

Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook

Stella’s Family Gave Her Up

Stella thought she had a loving family before she was left at an animal shelter with her ears cut off. She became depressed living in the shelter, away from a family she thought loved her.

Now Stella is all smiles with a new, loving forever home to call her own!



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