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Five Before And After Photos That Reveal Shocking Transformations

Have you ever looked at a collection of “before and after” photos and you’re completely surprised by the transformation? People perceive change differently, but we can all agree that it’s fun to look at these photos. Look through these five unusual examples of “before and after” photos that will leave you amazed.

Hasn’t Moved

This mother doesn’t need to be told twice that her baby is in fact hers. She shared a comparison photo collage of an ultrasound photo taken three weeks before she delivered her child and one of her three-week-old baby. The mother said, “Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth.”

borrow_a_feeling via Reddit

Keeping An Eye Out

This now-experienced artist shared a photograph of the first sketch he drew compared to a recent sketch and painting. The artist certainly has learned a lot over the past 13 years, and it’s interesting to see how far he has come with his talent. What an incredible transformation!

whiskyart via Imgur

Scary Lucy

In 2016, Lucille Ball’s hometown, Celeron, New York, replaced its famous “Scary Lucy” statue with a more elegant statue of the iconic comedienne. The I Love Lucy star will forever be remembered for making millions laugh, and now she has a statue to compare to her impeccable beauty. For fans of the original “Scary Lucy” statue, it’s still located in the town.

qp0n via Reddit

Harmful To Nature

This shocking photo collage showcases the difference between the Animas River in Durango, Colorado before and after the United States Environmental Protection Agency dumped over one million gallons of mine waste into the river. Once a clean river, it is now full of pollution and waste. No one wants to go kayaking in this river now.

Shecanoes via Imgur

Changing Times

This comparison photograph shows how times have changed. Decades ago, people read newspapers while waiting for their horse and carriage to arrive. Now, people look at their cell phones while waiting for the subway to arrive. This is a surprising look at history and only makes people wonder how things will change in the next one hundred years.

henriksen1 via Imgur

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