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Being Bored Can Actually Be A Good Thing For You!

I swear, the older I get, the more bored I am. I love it when your a little kid and literally anything can become amusing to you. But then you grow old and realize that a rock isn’t as fun as it was so you just mindlessly stare around until your boredom ends. Seriously, being bored is like the worst thing ever whether it is during class or the weekends or even vacation and even the Internet can’t cure you (there is only so many Netflix episodes you can watch or so many hours you can scroll through Tumblr). It sucks, but being bored can actually be a good thing for you! I’m serious! Science says so! Tell that to your parents next time they try to “help” you with your boredom by making you do chores.

So what benefits do you get when you are bored? For starters, it can actually make you be more creative! Think about it, what does your mind usually do when it’s bored? It wanders. As a writer, this is a good thing because the more my mind wanders, the more things I can imagine. You try to make yourself unbored by going deep into thought and that can end up giving you an awesome idea! Remember that time during the summer that you and your friend wandered the backyard bored af until one of you came up with the awesome idea to turn your yard into a giant slip and slide? Well, you wouldn’t have come up with that fun activity if you weren’t bored!

If you are bored, a lot of the times it is because you aren’t doing something you should be doing. It’s like a reminder that you shouldn’t be doing nothing. Hence, why boredom can actually make you realize that with this spare time, we should do that thing we want to do. You wouldn’t be bored if you started that project you been wanting to do!

There have been a lot of times when I was so bored that I decided to be productive. Being bored can force you to be a productive person and get your shit done! One time I got so bored that I cleaned my entire apartment because it was a huge mess and no one else wanted to do it. So basically, my boredom made me more of a novel roommate because I was bored and they weren’t.

If you are lying around the house with nothing to do or you are day dreaming in class, it can end up making you more goal-oriented. You start planning what you are going to have for dinner, what you are going to write that paper on or even what you are going to do after you graduate or how you are going to ask your boss for a raise!

If being bored becomes a persistent thing for you, it can lead you to become a better person. Maybe you decide to use up some of your free time to volunteer at a local shelter, or be part of a charity organization (or even start one if you’re that bored!). It makes sense because when we are bored, we feel like we don’t have perceived meaning in our lives so doing good things for society will give us that meaning!

Lastly and the most importantly, boredom can be the trick to happiness. If you have no time to wind down or think about anything else besides school/work/family/friends it can be exhausting, even if you like your jam-packed life. Life can be too overwhelming if you don’t have time to be bored!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved