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Ben Affleck May Not Direct Upcoming Batman Film After All

In what is being hailed as one of the biggest Hollywood bombshells of the new year, it is being reported that Ben Affleck may not direct the eagerly awaited batman film after all. It was Affleck himself who has provided the best hint yet when he was interviewed for a Guardian entertainment column.

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The news will come as a shock to many fans of the epic action hero franchise as Ben Affleck was considered the sole contender for the directorship. But when he was asked by The Guardian, Affleck implied he would only take up the role if certain conditions were met. The star of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice says he will only accept to direct the new film, tentatively titled as “The Batman” only if the entire project comes out in a way that will be “great”. But he did admit that this far, the plan is still for him to be the director.

ben affleck

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As soon as news filtered through in July 2016 that Warner Bros intended to have the new Batman Film released in 2018, Ben Affleck was considered the shoo-in not only for the director’s role but also as the film’s leading star. It is actually known that Affleck was working on the script though he was not very forthcoming about the details of his progress or the plot itself. But when it became apparent that Warner Bros had pushed back the much awaited release of the sequel to Justice League, pundits were convinced that the main motivation was to create time and resources for the Batman film project. Indeed, it was speculated that the movie may premiere in 2017 and not its original scheduled date in 2018.

Ben Affleck also revealed that the main motivation for taking on the new role for the film was owing to his son, Sam. To Sam, his dad is Batman and he might have been really disappointed if someone else appeared in the starring role.

ben affleck

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The news that Affleck may not be the director of the new film after all seems like a huge contradiction to the news being widely reported in entertainment blogs just a couple of weeks ago. Indeed, only a short while ago, Variety reported that Affleck had confirmed that the project was progressing very well and that “everything is coming together” according to the original plan.

In the Guardian interview Affleck dropped the shocker that there was no script yet and that many of the deals have yet to take shape or major supporting roles agreed upon. When contacted, those in the know at the Warner Bro Studios did not make a comment.

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