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Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Charms And Tucks In Guests This Aspen Hotel

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It is hard to top the cozy comfort of being tucked into a warm bed on a winter’s night after a day of skiing, dinner, and a nightcap. Not surprisingly, The St. Regis Resort, one of the most service-oriented hotels in  Aspen, has found a way.

Hotel Mascot Helps Pamper Guests

The St. Regis Hotel has trained their hotel mascot, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Kitty Jacob Astor IV, to provide the extra level of service that the hotel is known for. This clever canine goes the extra mile for guests — and they love it as you can tell by his Instagram feed.

Named after the resort’s founder, the pup goes the extra mile when asked. He will read bedtime stories to kids, wish guests goodnight, and even tuck guests in when it’s time to turn in.

Taking Care of Four-legged Guests Too

The pooch is also on the front lines when it comes to providing top notch customer service for the hotel’s four-legged guests. If a human owner is coming to stay at the hotel, there’s no need for them to leave their beloved pets at home. Kitty will welcome all animals to the hotel, hang out with them, and comfort them if they’re a bit nervous. This video shows her hosting skills at work:


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The hotel staff is also prepared to make pet stays as comfortable as they can. If an owner is out for a day’s adventure, the staff will make sure the pet is comfortable and enjoys just as luxurious a stay as their owner.

A Social Media Star

The St. Regis’ mascot isn’t just great at making guests feel at home, she’s also a social media superstar. Her Instagram page is followed by tens of thousands of fans who love the photos of her.


The photos show Kitty both at work and at play. In one, she’s romping around the grounds at the hotel. In another, she’s showing off the luxuriousness of the hotel’s dog beds. Collectively, the pictures show what a beloved and useful part of the staff she is. Twitter user adventurepupcliff follows Kitty and said, “you live the sweet life very cool”.

The St. Regis wouldn’t be the same without her!

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