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Some Of The Best Dog ‘Selfies’ Ever Taken

Animal selfies are truly the pinnacle of great art in the 21st century. Okay, I’ll admit, they aren’t actual selfies. But, some of them are just so adorable you want to think the little critters were taking the photo themselves. In a world full of an assortment of animal selfies, what kind of selfie do you think is the cutest of them all?

A Dog Selfie

Arguably, the best kind of selfie. I mean look at that adorable face!


What’s better than one puppy selfie? Several dogs in a selfie! But don’t just take mine and this little pug’s word for it. Check out the group selfie below that’ll have you smiling for hours.

Best Buds

Look at all those happy faces! These dogs truly accomplished what could be the most epic selfie of all time. This group of pups is all one big happy family at a doggie daycare in Ohio. With all those perky ears and smiling eyes, it shows these doggies are truly the best of friends.

The Dodo

“All the dogs in that picture know each other really well. They’re all friends. They come to daycare every day together,” a doggie daycare employee Tara, said. “They gathered around the gate and I said, ‘Hey guys! Look at me!’ And I took the picture.” Thank you, Tara, for documenting a precious piece of art. We will never be able to repay you.

Ahoy Mateys!

All pups report to the bow of the ship! As if the most epic dog selfie wasn’t enough, some folks on Reddit decided to take it to the next level, Photoshopping the selfie to look even more incredible. And a mighty fine job they did, those pups look ready for sea!

The Dodo

I would like to take all of them home with me, please and thank you.

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