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Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Giving This Student A $100K College Scholarship, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

A high school senior was completely stunned by a surprise gift from none other than Beyoncé and Jay Z!

Star Student

Mikayla Lowry is an incredible student at Trevor Browne High School in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a 3.7 GPA and is also enrolled at Estrella Mountain Community College. In addition to her high school diploma, she’s also getting her associate’s degree! She plans to major in marine biology or forensics at Grand Canyon University or Northern Arizona University. 

Not only is she a star pupil, but Mikayla also volunteers with her county’s Better to Give program, where she helps in soup kitchens and shelters throughout the year. She was also named Youth Of The Year. 

A Shocking Announcement

Recently, Mikayla and her friends attended the On The Run II tour with Beyoncé and Jay Z for a fun time. During the show, DJ Khaled, who opens the tour, began with acknowledging “an extraordinary individual making a difference in the world.” Mikayla and her friends listened in. “This person has been a member of the Boys and Girls club. A true role model with a 3.7 GPA,” Khaled said. “A future marine biologist. A Keystone Vice President and Torch Club President.”

Her friends began questioning if that could really be Mikayla. It sounded just like her! Khaled quickly confirmed that it was, stating that Mikayla would receive a scholarship for $100,000! As a camera panned to her to get her reaction, Mikayla said excitedly, “I’m so grateful, this is crazy. I didn’t even expect this – I’m shaking!”

The Carters Give Back

Mikayla isn’t the only student that’s been blessed enough to win a scholarship from the superstar couple. The Carters have been surprising quite a few awesome students with scholarships throughout their tour. In fact, they plan to give out $1.1 million to students in need.

One recent winner was from Beyoncé’s native city of Houston. Alezae Uresti dreamed of going to college but knew that paying for tuition would be a struggle. She was identified as a top student in financial need, and Beyoncé and Jay Z offered her a scholarship as well. Not only that, but they met with her and took pictures with her as well. Clearly, the Carters see the importance of education and want to give back to hardworking students who may not have gotten the chance to go to the school of their dreams otherwise. Alezae, Mikayla, and the other students certainly will never forget it!

Watch the heartwarming moment with Mikayla below!

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