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Bill Gates Likens Donald Trump to President Kennedy

The fact that Bill Gates feels Donald Trump could be like President Kennedy has been making news recently. According to Gates, Trump would embrace Kennedy’s approach of American leadership through innovation. Gates felt that a lot of Trump’s message has been about areas where the President elect feels that things are not as good as he would like them to be. Gates also mentioned that Donald Trump was “very sophisticated”.

On Tuesday, Bill Gates told reporters that although he and the president elect had friends in common, this was only the first time they had met. At Trump Tower, Gates was pictured with Donald Trump shortly after the President elect had met with Kanye West.

Gates said that, just like President Kennedy had got the entire nation to rally behind America’s space program, similarly in areas such as education, energy or controlling epidemics, a positive message can be felt and it is likely that the Trump administration will get things into shape by removing regulatory barriers and demonstrating American leadership with the help of innovation.

Gates also made clear that he hopes to see only adjustments made in favor of the US with respect to China and not an outright trade war as this would create a “lose-lose” situation for both parties. He hoped that the members of the Trump administration would not raise a tariff wall against Chinese imports and would avoid a tit for tat sequence of events.

Gates’ recent comments assume significance in light of the fact that one of his closest friends, Warren Buffet had been a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the elections. Buffet had even criticized Trump aggressively and asked for the release of Trump’s tax statements. Buffet had also raised questions about Trump’s business record and the multiple bankruptcies that his firms had faced. He had even said that Trump understood business but was better at licensing than investing his own capital. In light of Gates’ recent comments which have been widely reported by the media, it is evident that the two friends may not be on the same page with respect to the President elect. Whether Buffet has had a change of heart or not, remains to be seen.

While Bill Gates’ had not directly voiced an opinion during the election, he had slightly hinted at his support for Hillary Clinton. However, he had mentioned that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would approach any elected administration with a positive and open mind. Moreover, speculation is rife that his support for Mr. Trump may not just be cordiality considering his flattering comparison of the President elect to President Kennedy.

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