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A Bird Flew Through Someone’s Window And People Can’t Stop Talking About What It Did Next

We’ve all had crappy days, but one Reddit user just totally redefined what constitutes a “bad day” when an unlucky visitor happened to ruin everything.

The Unsuspecting Victim

If you think working on your laptop in front of an open window is harmless, you might want to rethink that assumption.

Reddit user, JaMollyAdams, can speak to the horrors that may happen if a window is left casually open, thanks to one random bird.

Totally Pooped

The bird ended up flying through the open window, defecated on the person’s laptop, and then passed away. “A bird flew in my window, sh*t on my laptop, and decided to die right in front of me,” JaMollyAdams wrote on the platform. “How’s your day going?” Well, JaMollyAdams, it can certainly be assumed your day is going a lot better than the bird’s.

So much for being productive. How exactly is one supposed to recover after such a messy and morbid scene? The photo has taken the Internet by storm ever since its posting, garnering 181,000 upvotes and more than 5,000 comments on Reddit.

Some Luck

One Redditor commented to make light of the incident.”They say it’s good luck when a bird sh*ts on you, but bad luck when it dies in your house. Pretty sure you’re Even Stevens in this case,” Reddit user DooDooBrownz wrote. Even Stevens, perhaps, but this is still totally gross (and kind of sad, too).

Another user went a bit dark with their comment. “There are days where taking a dump on someone’s laptop then dropping dead actually sounds pretty nice.” With Reddit being what it is, the comments were quick to uncover the species of bird that happened to poop and die on an innocent bystander: the mountain bluebird. Rest in peace, poor little thing!

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