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These Are Some Of The Wackiest Guinness World Records Out There

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Across the planet, communities have banded together in hopes of winning a coveted Guinness World Record — and it’s taken some serious creativity and thinking outside the box. From whip-cracking to giant teddy bears, from massive enchiladas to coconut orchestras, check out some of the most outlandish records yet to date.

1. Think your cute stuffed animal collection is impressive? Chances are, Masao Gunji from Japan has got you beat by a long shot. Over thirty years, he and his wife have gathered so much Hello Kitty memorabilia that he now holds the Guinness World Record.

hello kitty collection guinness world record

Getty Images/Taro Karibe

2. Manjit Singh has barely even broken a sweat, but you just might when you realize that one of the Guinness World Records that he holds is the farthest distance for pulling a bus (single decker, mind you) with his ears! While he pulled this double decker bus, too, it didn’t break the record.

bus pulling ears guinness world record

Getty Images/Stuart Wilson

3. Not all that glitters is gold: it may yet be diamonds too. Feast your eyes upon the world’s largest ring. Don’t plan on wearing it any time soon, however, unless you plan on shelling out over $3 million, and feel like lifting its 141 pounds!

ring guinness world record

Flickr/Anand Khatri

4. What is this, a newspaper for ants? As if this teeny periodical isn’t impressive enough, the record has since been broken by an itsy bitsy paper in Portugal, measuring 0.72 by 0.99 inches.

newspaper guinness world record

Getty Images/Cate Gillon

5. If you’re going to be the one evaluating whether or not a structure is worthy of receiving a Guinness World Record, you might as well strike a pose. 168 trucks delivered sand for a week in order to create this, the world’s largest sandcastle.

sandcastle guinness world record

Getty Images/Maja Hitij

6. One picture alone is scarcely enough to cover the entire scope of this home in Canberra, Australia, which won the Guinness World Record for most Christmas lights. The owners took holiday cheer to the next level, decking the halls with 502,165 sparkling bulbs.

christmas lights most guinness world record

Getty Images/Stefan Postles

7. Before you coo over what a cute baby this is, you’ll be shocked to know that this tiny horse is in fact fully grown. This adorable little lady, Thumbelina, hails from St. Louis, and holds the Guinness World Record as the planet’s smallest horse.

tiny horse smallest guinness world record

Getty Images/Spencer Platt

8. And you thought your septum piercing was edgy. This is Elaine Davidson, and she is officially the most pierced woman in the world. Originally from Brazil, her body has over 6,000 piercings — and counting.

most pierced woman guinness world record


9. Mom, are these pants too big on me? This team in South Korea created a massive 98-foot tall pair of blue jeans, which won the Guinness World Record, albeit briefly. They were recently beaten by a pair in Peru that, while not as tall, was wider, and therefore the biggest all around.

jeans south korea guinness world record

Getty Images/Chung Sung-Jun

10. Setting a Guinness World Record can also be good for the Earth: artist and photographer Ben Von Wong gathered a team to collect 168,000 plastic straws from the streets of major Vietnamese cities, and together, they made it into an eleven-foot wave, the largest structure of its kind.

guinness world record vietnam

Getty Images/Thanh Nguyen/AFP

11. If you’re lucky, you might just make it up to his belt buckle. The fantastic pair below are Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal and Sultan Kösen of Turkey, respectively the shortest and tallest men on Earth. Chandra passed away in 2015, but not before he met his enormous counterpart.

tallest man shortest man guinness world record

Getty Images/Peter Macdiarmid

12. Breakfast lovers, there’s just no way this picture won’t make you salivate. This team of chefs in Bosnia and Herzegovina won the Guinness World Record for the largest amount of pancakes prepared in under 8 hours: they made 12,874 flapjacks, to be precise!

pancakes bosnia and herzegovina guinness world record

Getty Images/Mustafa Ozturk/Anadolu Agency

13. It’s a definite swipe-right: stare deeply and longingly into the eyes of Gregory Paul McLaren, better known as Lucky Diamond Rich. A performance artist from New Zealand, he’s the world’s most tattooed man — with ink anywhere you can imagine.

tattoos guinness world record


14. It shouldn’t be surprising that there’s many different sandwich-related Guinness World Records: the longest sandwich, the most people making sandwiches simultaneously. The record being set here is the most hero sandwiches ever made in an hour: 2,706.

sandwiches guinness world record

Getty Images/Bryan Bedder

15. Sure, it’s a tried and true traveler tradition of attempting to cram as many people as possible into a London telephone booth. But here, these people are in the process of packing into a photobooth — and breaking the record for the most amount of people ever inside.

photobooth guinness world record

Flickr/Bryan Ledgard

16. Since this picture was taken at San Francisco’s annual Bay To Breakers festival, the largest gathering of people dressed as smurfs has been replicated many times. According to Guinness guidelines, you must have your face, arms, and legs painted blue to qualify.

smurfs guinness world record


17. Roberto Estrada of Las Cruces, New Mexico, led the initiative for this scrumptious winner: the world’s largest three-layer enchilada. Though a group of foodies in Mexico claim to have beaten him, he argues that his enchilada is flat, not rolled — so the record holds!

enchilada biggest guinness world record

Newsmakers/Joe Raedle

18. This massive, colorful celebration looks like it could be an opening for the Olympic Games — but in fact, it’s a group of 25,703 participants in China performing the world’s largest line dance, all in unison after months of impressive practice.

china guinness world record

VCG via Getty Images

19. Sometimes, all it takes to win a Guinness World Record is to think out of the box, to wonder how you can take an everyday object and make it superlative. For example, this is a pair of the world’s largest functional knitting needles.

knitting needles giant guinness world record

Wikimedia Commons

20. A team of soldiers, marines, and volunteer airmen helped lead 2,288 students in the Atlanta area for half an hour as they undertook the world’s largest physical education class. Looks like these kids will never complain in gym again!

guinness world record

Dobbins Air Reserve Base

21. New Orleans recording artist Big Freedia and 250 helpers earned the Guinness World Record for most amount of people twerking together, at a massive event held in New York City’s Herald Square. The rules? They could only use their hips.

twerking guinness world record big freedia

Getty Images/Ilya S. Savenok

22. Hailing from Serbia, Nikola Kulezić has earned a particularly unique Guinness World Record for herself, boasting the longest hair extension. It measures 2,691 feet and 3 inches. Just have a look at the floor behind her.

hair extension longest guinness world record

Flickr/World Skills UK

23. The care, the precision, the poor and aching toes: this intrepid group of participants in Australia vied to break the Guinness World Record for people running while wearing high heeled shoes, originally set in Indiana.

high heels race guinness world record

Getty Images/Scott Barbour

24. If you’re a damsel in distress, chances are, this is the best possible group of people you could bump into. This group gathered at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles to try and make the Guinness World Record for the largest amount of DC Comics Super Heroes in a single place. So specific!

superhero guinness world record

Getty Images/Imeh Akpanudosen

25. Who’s hungry and would like a nice dollop of sour cream? Far from Mexico, the world’s largest nachos were made in Billerica, Massachusetts. This enormous and spicy serving weighed a whopping 3,999 pounds.

nachos mexican food giant guinness world record

Getty Images/Gail Oskin

26. While this group of dancers in the rain of the English seaside came close to beating the Guinness World Record for number of people waltzing together at the same time, they were unsuccessful. From the look of things, however, that didn’t stop them from having fun!

waltz attempt guinness world record

Getty Images/Ian Forsyth

27. In a throwback to famed motorbike rider Evel Knievel, daredevil Mike Metzger broke the Guinness World Record for the longest backflip performed on a motorcycle, as he jumped the famous fountain at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, making it look effortless.

guinness world record motorcycle

Getty Images/Ethan Miller

28. After 50 hours of loving labor, this team in China was able to make the world’s most massive block of tofu. While it may look wiggly enough, don’t be fooled: this bean curd weighs 6,878 pounds!

giant tofu guinness world record

Getty Images/TPG

29. Now here’s a Guinness World Record we would like to see beaten again and again: this group of achievers in Costa Rica was able to gather 25 tons of plastic bottles in just eight hours, winning a record, recycling it all, and making their home just a little greener.

recycling costa rica guinness world record

Getty Images/AFP/Ezequiel Becerra

30. How do you feel about getting picked up for a night on the town in this raggedy ride? This car won the Guinness World Record for being the vehicle most covered in human hair. Want to climb inside?

hairy car guinness world record

Gianni Cipriano/Barcroft Images/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

31. It’s the perfect combination of fun things: keeping cool on a hot day, keeping clean, partying with your friends, and breaking a Guinness World Record. This merry group of 396 revelers at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware were the largest group of people ever to shower together.

irish spring public shower guinness world record

Getty Images/Paul Morigi

32. He’d sang about gin and juice for decades before deciding to truly take it up a notch. With apricot brandy, gin, and plenty of orange juice, Snoop Dogg received a Guinness World Record for the largest paradise cocktail ever.

guinness world record snoop dogg

Getty Images/Tim Mosenfelder

33. Every year on the festival of Holi, millions of people in India engage in a massive color war. But the Guinness World Record for most painted people in one place actually belongs to this giant group of revelers in Poland, and it looks like one of the most fun records you could break.

guinness world record

Getty Images/NurPhoto

34. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which Guinness World Record was won by this costumed procession: the most people dressed up as Albert Einstein, of course. No prizes for guessing correctly — Nobel or otherwise.

albert einstein guinness world record

Getty Images/Carlos Osorio

35. The stars of the Ghostbusters remake must have been delightfully spooked to be greeted at the film’s Singapore premiere by the largest gathering of people dressed as ghosts in the world — 263, to be exact.

ghostbusters guinness world record

Getty Images/Dave Mangels

36. It’s you and him, defying gravity: Manvel Mamoyan may not actually be able to levitate, but he does hold multiple Guinness World Records. These include the most handstand push-ups and the most jump squats in one minute done by a man.

guinness world record

Manvel Mamoyan

37. What do you do when you want to bring in more tourists? Create an enormous teddy bear that can snag you a Guinness World Record, of course! That’s the project that the citizens of Xonacatlán, Mexico, set themselves to for over three months — and won.

giant teddy bear guinness world record

Getty Images/Mario Vazquez/AFP

38. Just in case Godzilla would like his toes to look fabulous, this father and son team are building an enormous chappal, a South Asian style of sandal. They are hoping to beat the Guinness World Record, currently held by Mexico.

sandal chappal india guinness world record

Getty Images/Praful Gangurde/Hindustan Times

39. Parrots, cutlasses, and all, it looks like a jolly good time was had at this event, where people gathered to try and break the Guinness World Record of the most people dressed as pirates in the same place — Penzance, of course. Avast, they were 77 participants shy of making it!

pirate group gathering guinness world record

Getty Images/Matt Cardy

40. Asha Mandela is a modern-day Rapunzel. After decades of growing out her natural dreadlocks, she won a Guinness World Record for them. Her flowing locks measure over 55 feet, and washing them can require six bottles of shampoo.

long hair dreads guinness world record

Marcus Cooper/Barcroft Images/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

41. Strum to your heart’s content: 7,423 musicians descended on the city of Wrocław, Poland, to participate in the largest guitar orchestra on record. So what song did they jam to? The classic tunes of Jimi Hendrix’s “Hey Joe”, of course! Jimi would be proud — though they didn’t light their axes on fire.

guitars guinness world record poland

Przemek Pietrak

42. Joyously they bounce along through London town — and set a world record for the most amount of people bouncing on space hoppers. Their record has since been broken, but it looks like an absurd amount of fun.

space hopper bounce guinness world record

Getty Images/Matt Cardy

43. No, contrary to popular belief, KISS frontman Gene Simmons does not have the longest human tongue on record. The Guinness World Record was set by Stephen Taylor from Coventry, England, and while it has since been reset, the judges are out, as he claims his tongue has continued growing since then.

longest tongue guinness world record

Getty Images/Zak Hussein

44. Despite appearances, this Guinness World Record doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that these daredevils are driving on the side of the car. The man on the motorbike intercepted their rugby pass — making it the fastest interception to date.

driving guinness world record

Getty Images/Matthew Lewis

45. From afar, this may look like a half-finished pyramid. But if only you could smell what it really is: this record-breaking mound in Ecuador is made up of half a million roses all stacked together.

rose pyramid ecuador guinness world record

Getty Images/Rodrigo Buendia/AFP

46. If you haven’t seen the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, spoiler: there’s no horse, just two coconuts being clopped together. So naturally, Monty Python castmates joined the then-mayor of London, and thousands of people to create the world’s largest coconut orchestra. Brilliant!

coconut monty python guinness world record

Getty Images/MJ Kim

47. Why just go for size when you could actually impact the planet with your Guinness World Record? This enormous team of volunteers in Bhutan won accolades for the most trees planted, but gratefully, that record has since been broken several times!

tree planting guinness world record

Wikimedia Commons

48. The Kaikottikali is a dance performed in South India by groups of women, and these ladies in particular had a goal on their mind: creating this whirling, colorful marvel, which is the largest group of kaikottikali dancers on record!

dance india guinness world record

Wikimedia Commons

49. Daredevil Adam Winrich has certainly earned his nickname “Crack.” He holds a variety of different Guinness World Records, including the greatest number of candles extinguished by the crack of a whip, to the greatest number of times a whip has been cracked in a minute.

whip guinness world record

US Air Force Photo/Senior Airman Jason Colbert

50. Nowadays, for a nominal fee, just about anyone can go skydiving. But what about skydiving with a massive flag? This team of daredevils in the skies over Dubai decided they would nab a Guinness World Record for doing exactly that.

skydiving uae dubai flag guinness world record

Getty Images/Skydive Dubai

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