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Boy Who Claims He Is From Mars Makes Unbelievable Prediction, Turns Out To Be Correct

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Boris Kipriyanovich’s family knew he was different pretty soon after he was born. He was not like other children, and had an out-of-this-world intellect from an early age. When Boris later began to claim that he was from Mars, many immediately dismissed his stories as the imaginations of a young boy. But then a few years later, some of his predictions would turn out to line up eerily with reality.

1. The Little Boy From Mars

Boris Kipiyanovich was not like most children. Born and raised in Russia, it was pretty apparent to his parents since shortly after his birth that Boris was destined to achieve some impressive accomplishments in his lifetime. And while many parents would be quick say that their child is remarkable, or that their child is going to go places, Boris’ talents were truly out of this world.

boy from mars

YouTube/Project Camelot

Boris seemed to know a lot for his age,  and was wise beyond his years. Nothing was a mystery to him, he always seemed to have the answers. But one day, this genius boy from Russia said that he knew about the mysteries of space, because he experienced them first hand.

2. There Was Always Something Different About Boris

There were signs that Boris was different — they were quick to present themselves and hard to ignore. Boris was an only child, so at first his mother was not quite sure if his accomplishments were truly impressive, or if she was just a doting mother.

boy from mars

YouTube/Project Camelot

His mother, Nadia, had researched child development while she was pregnant, so she had an idea of what to expect and when. Boris seemed to be breaking all of the rules. She knew that children cannot usually hold their heads up alone until about 2-4 months of age. But Boris was holding his head up at just 2 weeks old. And that was not the only reason Boris stood out from an early age.

3. The Older He Grew, The More Peculiar His Abilities Became

It is considered “normal” for most normally developing babies to speak their first words between 10 and 14 months of age. And most toddlers can say a handful of words by the time they reach 18 months of age. But not Boris.

boy from mars

Facebook/Boris Kipriyanovich – Boriska

Of course, Boris was able to speak from a much younger age. He began to say his first words by just 6 weeks after he was born, something that doctors in Russia had not seen. While most children were learning their first few words at 18 months old, he was already learning to read and draw. Then others started to take notice of this strangely talented child.

4. Boris Starts School At A Startlingly Young Age

In Russia and around the world, most children do not begin kindergarten until they are at least 5 years of age. But once again, Boris was not like most children. His advanced abilities meant that he was able to begin kindergarten light years ahead of his peers.

boy from mars

Facebook/Boris Kipriyanovich-Boriska

At just 2 years old, Boris was offered to enroll in kindergarten. The teachers had heard about his out-of-this-world intellect and allowed him to join their class. And even as a 2 year old kindergartner, he was impressing his teachers and outpacing his classmates. But there was one subject that Boris knew a peculiar amount about, and it was raising some eyebrows.

5. An Early Fascination With Outer Space

Boris was quickly advancing in school. His depth of knowledge continued to impress his mother and his teachers, but they could not help but notice that the little boy seemed to have an unending knowledge about some unusual subjects that they were not teaching in school.

Boy From Mars


“From early childhood, we had a lot of books on astronomy,” his mother, Nadia, explained in a documentary interview. “When he was 3-4 years old he opened these books and started to tell numbers of the galaxies, although they were in Latin. It was amazing.” Unsurprisingly, Boris started to get attention from some pretty important people.

6. Boris Was Declared A Genius

By seven years old, Boris was quickly spouting off facts about space as if they were common knowledge. He was never taught about the subject, but he knew the workings of the solar system, the planets, constellations and the stars. He could talk about the physics of space before most children even knew what physics were.

boy from mars

YouTube/Project Camelot

Scientists and child psychologists were alerted about this special young boy and met him in person. After doing some intelligence tests, they came to the unsurprising conclusion that Boris was certifiably a genius. But soon his sanity would be questioned when he started making some startling claims.

7. It All Started On A Family Camping Trip

Even boy geniuses need some time to clear their minds and relax. And that was exactly what Boris’ family thought would happen when they decided to go on a quick weekend vacation with their extended family and a few close friends.

boy from mars

YouTube/Project Camelot

But once again, Boris was different. And while the weekend getaway started with relaxation in the wilderness, that would not last long. As everyone gathered around a campfire one night, Boris announced that he had something important to share. He insisted that everyone was quiet, because this was one secret that he knew they would all want to hear.

8. Boris Shares An Unusual Campfire Story

Boris was growing frustrated as his family members continued their conversations, or otherwise were not focused on what the 7-year old had to say. Everyone at the campfire thought they knew what Boris was like, but he was acting unlike they had ever seen him before. Something was different, and something was definitely off.

boy from mars


What Boris was going to say was clearly important to him. So finally his family gave Boris their undivided attention. Sitting by the light of the campfire, Boris looked defiant as he shared his news. The young boy told his family that he was actually from Mars.

9. The Boy From Mars Reveals His Secret

At first, Boris’ family was not sure how to react. Sure, Boris was considered to be a genius but he was also still just a boy, and maybe a boy from Mars. Was this the truth, or a product of a child’s active imagination?

boy from mars


Boris started to reveal more about his Mars-based roots. According to Boris, he had lived previous lives on Mars, and was now reborn on Earth. His mother was not surprised and explained that he had previously broached the subject when he was just 4 or 5-years old. But this was the first time she was hearing her son speak in so much detail about it.

10. He’s Not The Only One

Boris’ mother was starting to get a clearer picture of what her son had been trying to explain to her for years. She, like everyone around the campfire, was a little bit hesitant to believe the young boy because his story was so far from any reality that they had ever encountered.

boy from mars


But according to Boris, he was not the only one to have a story like this. He said that he was not alone, and that other children from Mars were also living on Earth. These children are often referred to by space enthusiasts as “Indigo Children,” and Boris said they all came to Earth with a chilling purpose.

11. Boris’ Mission Was Written In The Stars

Boris’ family was not about to just fully believe this information, but they were not going to dismiss it entirely either. Instead, his mother took him to speak with scientists about his claims. And the response from these experts was even more alarming.

boy from mars

Matt Stroshane/Getty Images

The young boy from Mars was stating facts about outer space that was not only advanced for his age, but would be advanced for most adults. Many of the facts he spoke about were topics that only the most educated researchers and scientists knew about. So, some scientists took him seriously when he began to make a series of startling predictions.

12. A Key To The Universe, Hiding In Plain Sight

Just like it would be for anyone who claimed to be from Mars, Boris was ready for the skeptics. But that did not stop him from sharing what he thought was some of his most important information for humanity on Earth.

boy from mars

Flickr/Ilker Ozmen

According to Boris, something important for the entire world was hidden deep inside of the Sphinx in Egypt. It was up to humans to figure out what was inside and to open those secrets up to the world. He told anyone who would listen that “human life will change when the Sphinx is opened.” And Boris knew just how humans should begin to open it.

13. The Map Of How To Open The Sphinx

Boris spoke with certainty as he began to describe how the secrets hidden inside of the Sphinx could begin an entirely new phase of human life. The discovery could open new doors to life on Earth, all they had to do was open up an actual door.

boy from mars

Flickr/Joy Anne

The boy from Mars explained that there was a hidden door located just behind the Sphinx’s ear. While he said he did not know exactly how that door would be opened, he shared that it would be up to humankind to find the door and release its secrets. And even more hidden secrets were apparently hiding in plain sight, just next door.

14. More Secrets Hidden Inside The Pyramids

Boris continued to explain that secrets were not only hidden within the Sphinx, but that they could also be found right next door in the Pyramids in Giza. The pyramids have long been rumored to have an otherworldly purpose. That was due in part to the fact that the pyramids, built before there were microscopes or other modern tools, perfectly align with the stars directly above them.

boy from mars

Flickr/Fowler Tours

But Boris went farther than most conspiracy theories. He suggested that archaeologists excavate more of the pyramids, as there could be hidden chambers meant to unlock the secrets hidden inside of these ancient structures. However, it was not until years later that scientists would find that Boris’ predictions were actually correct all along.

15. A Discovery Fifteen Years Later

Boris had grown from a 7-year old boy into a 22-year old man when finally his prediction was proven to be correct 15 long years later. Archaeologists in Egypt were not exactly looking for what Boris was referring to, but nonetheless they were about to come upon a startling discovery that would have scientists recalling the predictions of a young Russian boy.

boy from mars

Patrick Chapuis/Gamma-Raphno via Getty Images

At the time, archaeologists were utilizing a new technology to further explore the pyramids. Using a cosmic-ray imaging tool, explorers found something they had never seen before. And their discovery was about to lend credibility to the claims of a young boy from Mars years before.

16. What Scientists Found Inside the Pyramids

Cosmic-ray imaging were useful in the pyramids because they allowed archaeologists to see behind walls without actually having to knock anything down. And the technology allowed them to make a startling discovery, the likes of which had not occurred since the nineteenth century.

boy from mars

Patrick Chapuis/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Archaeologists found a previously undiscovered chamber hidden away for the last 4,500 years inside of the Great Pyramid. The 100 foot void just above the pyramid’s Grand Gallery was a jaw dropping new clue for what could be hidden inside of the Great Pyramid, and what was yet to be discovered. With this new information, scientists began to excavate the sight to get a closer look at whatever was inside.

17. A Discovery 4,500 Years In The Making

Scientists could barely believe what was happening. The discovery was truly historic. Using the cosmic-ray technology, Egyptian archaeologists were quickly able to rule out the possibility that there was hidden treasure inside, but that did not mean that there was not valuable information to gain from going inside this hidden void.

boy from mars

Patrick Chapuis/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Once archaeologists were able to gain access into the chamber, they found that it was completely empty. But nothing at the time of the Pyramids was done without a purpose. A mystery arose around why the void was built, and if perhaps the boy from Mars’ prediction was correct and the purpose was something too over the moon for Earthlings to yet understand.

18. Learning More About Life On Mars

The idea of a boy from Mars living right there in Russia was too much for local news channels and reporters to pass up. Soon enough, Boris was invited to speak on television and in documentaries. He began to share even more about what life was like on Mars during these interviews.

boy from mars


Martians, he said, “look quite like” humans on Earth, but at the same time he said that they “do not really look like people,” describing them as almost impossibly tall and “more able” than Earthlings.  Then reporters began to talk about one subject that has fascinated space lovers for centuries.

19. The Truth Behind UFOs

Rumors and conspiracy theories of UFO sightings have long fascinated science fiction lovers. And on this topic, Boris delivered. Boris claimed to be a pilot during his former life on Mars, and was well acquainted with UFO travel. He claimed that Martians used plasma power to fuel their spacecrafts.

boy from mars

Wikimedia Commons/CIA

He described being able to “travel in time and space, flying in round spaceships” to other galaxies. However, when Martians went to observe Earth, they used a special aircraft. He described that specific aircraft as being triangular in shape. But sometimes his experience with space travel would take a much darker turn.

20. War Of The Worlds

Boris explained in documentaries that “people from Mars traveled in many galaxies and planetary systems,” but he also said that space travel was not always a constant exploration of new galaxies. Boris recalled life on Mars as a teenager, specifically some of the darker times in Mars’ history.

boy from mars

Wikimedia Commons/FEMA News Photo

“I remember that time when I was about 14 or 15-years old,” he told reporters. “The Martians were waging wars so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.” While he did not give many details about the air raids, he did reveal the tragic outcome of the war on Mars.

21. The Disastrous End For Life On Mars

The boy from Mars spoke about his life on the foreign planet, but then his tales took a darker turn as he began to talk about the end of life on Mars. The story started with nuclear power and Boris said that is when Mars took a turn for the worst.

boy from mars

YouTube/Project Camelot

Boris explained that there were different tribe-like colonies on Mars and the different tribes went to war against each other. That war turned into a nuclear war and, according to Boris, all but a few Martians were wiped out by the fighting. He was one of the few that survived, which led him to a very important mission on Earth.

22. What Boris Was Put On Earth To Do

Boris and others who survived on Mars were still able to observe what was unfolding on Earth and thought it was their mission to come to the planet with a warning. He could see similarities between what he had watched unfold on Mars in the early days before the war, compared to what was currently happening on Earth.

boy from mars

YouTube/Project Camelot

With the amount of nuclear weapons being amassed by different countries, Boris and his fellow Martians grew worried. Earth was beginning to mimic Mars, and Martians felt it was their mission to save the world from an almost certain fate. And this was not the only similarity that they saw between Earth and Mars.

23. The Galaxy Wide Power Struggle

Nuclear weapons alone would not be enough to make Boris and his fellow Martians feel so compelled to travel to Earth. It was the people that seemed to be in charge globally that really worried the boy from Mars. Much like on Mars, Boris said he observed people in power picking fights with other colonies and building up their weapons systems.

boy from mars

Sergei Savostyanov/TASS via Getty Images

Boris described seeing on Mars that tribes “became militant and started wars against each other.” The key, Boris said, to avoid war was for these leaders to stop fighting one another, or the world would face all but certain doom.

24. Boris Goes from Boy From Mars to Man From Mars

For the first few years after Boris revealed his unsettling past to his family around a campfire on that fateful night, the boy was willing to share his story with the news media and anyone who would listen. He was roundly mocked for his claims. And then, something changed.

boy from mars


Boris became less and less available for interviews, and slowly faded out of the spotlight. After years of being made fun of for his stories, rumor has it that Boris renounced talking about his past on Mars. According to these rumors, Boris wanted to live a normal life as he grew into adulthood. But while he stepped away, his stories were still gaining a following.

25. What To Believe?

Over the years that Boris was sharing his story, and even for years after, people have been quick to dismiss the tales of the boy from Mars. Some mocked Boris, while others blamed an overactive childhood imagination. Still, others were not so dismissive and believed that Boris was truly from another planet, with knowledge beyond that of any other 7-year old.

boy from mars

YouTube/Project Camelot

How could he have known facts about space that many scientists did not? And how could he have known about a secret passage in the pyramids? Still, regardless of whether Boris is to be believed, his story has to make people question whether aliens exist, and if they are still out there.

Source: Project Camelot, Jerusalem Online, Moneyversed

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