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How A Black Bear Satisfies His Sugar Craving on M&M’s

Lane Sykes and Carole Scofield from South Lake Tahoe, California left their house one morning to go pick up some friends and bring them back for a visit. When they arrived, imagine their surprise when they saw a 300lbs bear’s rear end sticking out of their kitchen window!

A Ravenous Bear

When Lane and Carole left their home, a seven foot, 300-pound black bear was waiting in the wings for his chance to grab some goodies. He knew there were yummy treats inside the home. He was no stranger to this kitchen and had been there before.


This time, instead of smelling the usual bread and the occasional cracker through the window, he smelled something much sweeter.

Sugar Bear Finds M&Ms

With one fell swoop, he took out the screen and leaned his large upper body through the narrow window, and that’s when he saw them. A nice big bag of M&M’s was sitting on the counter, calling his name. Spilling them all over, he happily lapped them up.

Inside Edition

While he was there, he figured he might as well help himself to some other goodies within his reach. Little did he know the Scofield’s and their friends pulled up to the house during his raid.

A Clean Getaway

Hearing the car door, the bear backed out of the kitchen window, crossed the deck and started to leave. Apparently, not fast enough because the lady of the house grabbed a bear deterrent horn and chased the bear out of her yard.

Inside Edition

At least the bear got his fill before he had to go, and the Scofields learned never to leave sweet M&M’s out on the counter with the window open. Even if it’s a nice day.

Watch the bear get his sugar fix.

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