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Some Of The Most Over-The-Top Black Friday Moments Ever Caught On Camera

black friday

Every year the day after Thanksgiving, it happens. Thousands upon thousands of people swarm into their local malls, descending upon the shops with the ferocity of Genghis Khan’s hordes. Their goal? Getting the most merchandise at the most insanely low discounts, and getting it fast. This is Black Friday.

This holiday is a unique glimpse into the unique traditions of Western civilization, when ordinary men and women suddenly become ferocious warriors, competing against each other to get the best deals faster than one another. After all, you won’t get holiday gifts for your loved ones at any cheaper! Get ready to dive into the chaos in all its glory.

1. You Shall Not Pass

There’s just such a wild range of emotions contained in this one snapshot of Black Friday’s typical chaos. As the gentleman in the hood clings on for dear life, his face twisted with consternation, the burning question remains: who actually managed to grab the TV in the first place before everyone else crowded in?

black friday struggle fight

While the looks of distress are just palpable on the faces of the people at the thick of this squabble, the ones on the fringe surrounding them are, for the moment, just enjoying being able to zoom out, look at the bigger picture, and have a laugh. Here’s the strangest twist: Black Friday doesn’t just happen in America — this picture is actually from the UK.

2. I’ll Never Let Go, Jack

No matter where you go on Black Friday, the chances are that you’re bound to encounter some pretty ludicrous scenes inside the shopping malls. There’s no doubt that some of the most determined shoppers might even be practicing some tuck-and-roll moves ahead of time to avoid being mobbed by their competitors.

black friday fight shoppers

But when all else fails, and you’re just not giving up on getting your hands on those savage deals, then you just might find yourself doing what this lady has done: flinging yourself onto the product in question and refusing to let go! As the cameras close in around this wild scene, you have to wonder: how good was that sale?

3. What Have We Here?

Imagine the following scenario. You’re visiting in the United States or the United Kingdom as a tourist, and you have absolutely no idea what Black Friday is, and you stumble across this unbelievable sight. If you didn’t understand the context (and frankly, even if you did), what would your first thoughts be?

black friday shopping

Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

This guy is quite literally straddling his opponent as though it’s a wrestling match. The bystanders look like they want to help, but they’re too surprised and baffled by how extreme these two are taking it that they don’t even know how to intervene. That person with the selfie stick had better watch out though — it could get smacked into the next second.

4. TGIF?

While Black Friday has been and remains a proud (shall we call it that?) American tradition for more than half a century, it’s only in recent years that the late November shopping blowout extravaganza has made the leap across The Pond and invaded the UK. It’s caught on there fast, pushing, shoving, and all.

black friday britain british shopping fight

Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Sometimes you wonder if all the hullabaloo surrounding Black Friday and the fighting it causes as people scramble to get the best deals is culture-based. But this photo proves that there’s something about the phenomenon that brings out the warrior in everyone — no matter how prim and proper the British are expected to be!

5. Not A Relief

You’re likely used to seeing scenes like this following some sort of natural disaster, such as when relief workers come to hand out basic necessities after a hurricane. But like manna from heaven, this employee at the Asda superstore is trying his best to remain calm in the face of a sea of outstretched arms.

black friday shopping

Daily Mail Online/Roland Hoskins

There are just so many surreal aspects of this Black Friday moment. But if you’ll observe what’s going on in the background, behind the scramble to grab electronics, you’ll see possibly the most absurd piece of this picture: the row of photographers casually lined up to capture the spectacle. Wonder how that feels?

6. Sea Of Troubles

Sometimes the closeup shots of customers jousting seem like an isolated phenomenon, like it’s only happening in the corner of the store. You might even believe that the rest of the store isn’t all that crowded and only a few customers have lost their minds. Think again as you check out this wild overhead shot.

shoppers black friday

Like a throng of religious pilgrims, the customers descend upon their local malls with fervor in their eyes and excitement in their hearts. If you’ve never experienced Black Friday firsthand, then just look at how far back in this shot the crowds go. Feeling just a little bit claustrophobic yet? At least they’re smiling…for now.

7. Keepin’ It Real

To beat the crowds at your local Black Friday shopping brawl, you’ve got to arrive as early as possible to the store. You’re not trying to make an appearance, and to be honest, things can get quite savage, so why bother dressing up? This couple has got the right idea, and what’s more, they know it.

pajamas shopping black friday

Teamwork is everything on Black Friday, and if you come with your partner, you’ve already got a serious advantage on your other shopping competitors. That affords you another pair of arms not just to carry your items, but to shove people away! This pair of purchasers in PJs certainly seem satisfied.

8. Wild Wonderland

So, spoiler alert: the moshpit of Black Friday is definitely not the smartest place to be bringing your kids. Just as grownups get injured as they claw at each other in the race to the checkout line, kids could get trampled. You have to assume these youngsters were left outside while mom and dad transform themselves into sales bargain ninjas.

child storefront window black friday shopping

Getty Images

We can only wonder what sort of insane things are going on inside the store as these children watch in amazement from the storefront windows. It’s a fair bet this kid isn’t wowing about those incredibly low prices, but rather the absolute pandemonium breaking loose inside. Bet he never knew his parents had that strength in them!

9. Not All Superheros Push Carts

The fact that she would have to go through this ordeal alone didn’t stop this mom from gathering her wits and heading out into the battlefield that is Black Friday shopping. You can see the look of steely determination on her face as she careens through the store with her prized catch.

shopping black friday

Pinterest/Nakeisha Campbell

But here comes the next problem: once she’s made it to the checkout line, if she manages to make it through without having her finds nicked by another ruthless customer, it’s going to be a royal pain to get all this merchandise out to the car. Just goes to show how much discomfort people are willing to put up to get the best holiday presents.

10. Shoepocalypse Now

We love gawking over the most outrageous moments of shopper feeding frenzies during Black Friday. It’s truly a guilty pleasure. But our impressions of this glorious day stop there in the heat of the moment. We don’t often get a glimpse into something equally as terrifying: the cleanup left over in the aftermath!

black friday aftermath


This Instagram photo from a ravaged Nike shoe store in the Seattle area illustrates just how frenzied things can get. Frankly, it’s a miracle there’s anything even left on those shelves to begin with. Given how narrow the space is and the amount of boxes tossed on the floor, you can only imagine how nuts the fight over the shoes must have been.

11. We’re Surrounded!

You’ve got to hand it to shop employees who are on shift for Black Friday at any of these major retail stores. How on Earth do you even begin to mentally prepare yourself for the all-out onslaught of jostling customers, let alone be able to focus on doing your job in the face of the seething crowds?

black friday

Apartment Therapy

The stoic calm on the faces of these two store clerks is nothing short of extraordinary, not to mention the fact that there are just two of them behind the counter to tend to all these people. This picture can barely do justice to the amount of noise and competing shouts that must have been hurled at them.

12. Let’s Take It Outside

Perhaps there’s even something cathartic about Black Friday. It’s like Fight Club, except you can talk about it, and you may even get some awesome Christmas presents out of it. In most cases, any of the squabbling over gifts happens inside the confines of the store. But then, there are moments like this.

black friday brawl

Sometimes, you just can’t get over the guy who snagged your Tickle Me Elmo, or that nasty lady who pulled things out of your shopping cart when you weren’t paying attention. Black Friday can get personal, and there aren’t really any rules. Sometimes that rage just spills out into the parking lot.

13. Not Just Early Birds Camping Out

Black Friday is an event people look forward to all year, wondering what incredible new deals are just within reach. And because it’s a guarantee that hordes of shoppers will descend upon their local malls the day after Thanksgiving, it’s also the perfect opportunity to get your point across if you have a statement.

mall black friday shopping


In recent years, growing numbers of protesters for a variety of different political and social causes have identified the potential that Black Friday has as a stage to spread their message. But they’d best be careful. These activists are at serious risk of being trampled by throngs of people with tunnel vision.

14. While You’re Waiting

One of the biggest struggles of Black Friday is who will get into the store doors first when they open in the morning. It’s not uncommon to see determined shoppers not only lining up outside in their masses, but even spending the night sleeping outside the mall so that they can be sure they won’t miss opening time.

pie waiting black friday shopping


The problem is, not every shopping mall is in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, and by late November it may well be snowing or at least bitingly cold in a majority of states. So if you’re going to camp out, make sure you dress warmly. It appears that these people have come straight from their Thanksgiving meals, and wisely brought pie.

15. Don’t Mind If I Do

The rules of common decency go straight out the window on one holiday throughout the year, and that holiday could only be Black Friday. Everything you’ve ever learned about sharing, about respecting boundaries and personal space? You might as well check those at the door, because they won’t do you any good once you’ve crossed that threshold.

black friday gifts shopping

Pinterest/Nakeisha Campbell

Charles Darwin would have a field day with this sociological case study, because it truly is survival of the fittest. Here we see two shoppers in their natural habitat, and one has a clear advantage: she’s got a free hand, and she’s going to use it to get what she wants. Think that’s nuts? We’ve barely started. Keep reading for more wild Black Friday pictures.

16. Chin Up, Darling

Black Friday isn’t just a full-body workout as you leap, cavort, and slither past the other customers in the store all vying for the same toys and household appliances you want. It’s also a way to truly get in touch with all the parts of your body that can grab things.

gifts black friday

Pinterest/Nakeisha Campbell

No need for shopping carts, because they would have only slowed this woman down. With the diverse amount of objects she wanted to buy, she would need to compete with other shoppers at multiple steps along the way. Luckily for her, she’s got a strong chin to hold everything in place!

17. Come Wind, Rain, Or…

Okay, so things gang of steadfast shoppers didn’t necessarily arrive at the mall in this state of desperation. But they’re illustrating an important point to remember: sometimes Thanksgiving and Black Friday can be accompanied by the least ideal weather conditions possible. In their case, fighting other scrambling customers is the least of their concerns.

shopping carts winter storm black friday


For this poor band of brothers (and sister?), every step of Black Friday is one big obstacle course. They seem to be having just a bit of trouble even getting into the store in the first place. Once they’re inside, the sweat and adrenaline of animal instinct should help warm them up.

18. Sink Or Swim

This snapshot of Black Friday chaos inside a shopping center in the UK is a good way to learn a lesson. One of the most important things all customers must do when navigating the store is to keep your head up and stand as straight as possible — or else this can happen.

black friday


We see the people in the lower half of this picture about to likely take a serious tumble, which is probably not only the biggest faux pas one can make on Black Friday, but also holds serious potential for danger. With lust for shopping goods in their eyes, there’s a high possibility the crowds will mow them right over.

19. Seven Trumpets

It’s said that seven trumpets will sound to announce the apocalypse, so it’s only fitting that this store employee is using one as he desperately attempts to restore order in the face of the zombie apocalypse of fiending shoppers. But can you guess where in the world this picture was taken?

black friday

Zero Hedge

Black Friday is largely a North American tradition, but it hasn’t just spread to the United Kingdom. It’s also caught on in other European countries, and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and even Brazil. This Brazilian store employee had to resort to using a vuvuzela just to quiet people down.

20. Cool Purchase

While the rest of these Black Friday shoppers are focused on swarming towards the cash register as they seek to purchase Christmas gifts for their family members, it seems that this shopper has all the treasure one could want already in her cart. And no we’re not implying that there was some baby bargain special.

black friday

All kidding aside, with her cart space largely taken up already, where is this woman planning on storing the goods she finds? You have a have a bit of sympathy for her, but sometimes there’s just no getting around taking the baby out shopping with you. Let’s hope people keep their civility as they scramble past that shopping cart. If you think that’s wacky, stay tuned — even more insane Black Friday pictures are on the way.

21. Black Friday Frenzy

Every year, the customers wait outside the storefront like circling sharks, and every year, the camera crews are allowed exclusive access inside with the store employees so that they can capture priceless moments and facial expressions like this. These people are at a crucial junction, on the threshold of turning into warriors.

black friday

While the other shoppers seem to maintain a sense of calm and focus, the two ladies in the center of the pic can’t help but show their true colors as they prepare to dive headfirst into a feast of shopping bargains. There’s something wonderful about how Black Friday brings out the wild side of ordinary people.

22. World Store Z

“Braiiiins…I mean, low prices!” To gain a better perspective on just how insane Black Friday truly is, sometimes it’s worth going upstairs to the second floor of the mall to take in the size of the crowds in their full glory. You won’t be alone up there; you’ll find some of the security guards, huddled there, fearing for their lives.

black friday

Chicks News

This incredible storm of people is waiting to bust into their local Urban Outfitters. The beauty of this photo is that you’ll see people of all genders and colors, gathered together, patiently waiting for the opportunity to shop. Of course, any sense of unity will be immediately shattered the second those gates go up.

23. Red And White Friday

There are just so many questions to be asked here. This photo was taken on Black Friday, and given how vicious the struggle can get inside the mall, one has to wonder what in the world this Santa did that warranted his arrest the day after Thanksgiving. But there’s actually a twist to this story.

black friday protests santa claus

Santa Claus is not being escorted out of the store for anything he did to another customer on Black Friday. Rather, like many others across the nation, he was using Black Friday as a platform to raise awareness about working conditions for store employees. Santa, speak truth to power — and your figure is looking fab!

24. Shopper’s Little Helpers

Obviously, the chaos that is any mall’s interior during Black Friday is no place for a child. But these kids’ parents have found a way to incorporate them into the day’s festivities in a way that’s both safe and practical. Because everyone’s running amok, how are you going to protect your goods as you go back for more shopping trips?

macy's black friday kids

Pinterest/Nakeisha Campbell

After all, what good are kids if you can’t put them to work? Just kidding! Still, the sheer amount of shopping bags this family has managed to accumulate is absolutely impressive. Mom and Dad must have undergone some sort of military training in order to fight off the other customers and still get this much loot.

25. Black And White Friday

It’s not necessarily clear when Black Friday became an annual tradition in the United States, but it’s safe to say the post-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza has been around for at least half a century of hair-pulling and cart-swiping. Just look how thrilled these ladies are that they’ve accomplished all their Christmas shopping well ahead of time.

black friday old photo couple

The Fruit Company Blog

But these ladies probably didn’t have to face a true Black Friday gauntlet inside the mall; they certainly didn’t come prepared with proper running shoes. Luckily for them, the man in tow (is he the butler? or the husband?) is there to be burdened with all their goods as they make their triumphant curbside exit.

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Sources: Pinterest – Nakeisha Campbell

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