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Legally Blind High School Basketball Player Takes One Shot All Season, And Sinks It

Clay Warner was a high school senior on the basketball team at his school. Being legally blind, he had never played a game, yet he faithfully went to practice and suited up for each competition. When he finally got his chance to hit the court, he was determined to shoot his shot…literally. Neither he nor the crowd could believe what happened next!

Love Of The Game

Before he was born, it was discovered that Clay had cerebral palsy. With his condition, he was also legally blind. However, the young man had a passion for the game of basketball that would not go away. When Clay reached high school, he became a member of the basketball team at North Polk High School in Alleman, Iowa.

He never stepped on the court as there was a fear that he could get hurt, but Clay kept showing up and supporting his teammates over the years. His coach, Nick Wilkins, described him as “a kid who loves the game of basketball more than anyone I’ve ever met.” So, during a game for Senior Night, Coach Nick finally gave the senior a chance to get on the court.

Taking The Shot

During the game, North Polk was down by 15 against their opponents with only a few minutes left to play. Coach Nick put Clay in the game. The senior took a position downcourt, waiting for his teammates to inbound the ball. The North Polk point guard brought the ball down the court and bounced the ball to Clay, who was 15 feet away from the basket.

Clay saw his chance and went for a jumper. To everyone’s surprise, the perfectly aimed shot went through the net, barely touching the rim. The crowd erupted with cheers and applause for this young man, not just because he sank the shot but because of his motivational story and character.

A Winning Attitude

Even with his condition and the fact that he never played before, Clay served as a major inspiration for his teammates. The senior led every pregame huddle, telling the boys to “grind it out,” according to Coach Nick. Clay even was tough on the players if they were playing around instead of remaining focused.

The young man’s been called the “heart and soul” of North Polk. So sinking this shot and getting the praise from his school and community was certainly well deserved.

Watch more of Clay’s story and his unbelievable basket below!

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