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This Blogger’s Response To A Troll Calling Her ‘Trashy’ Is Pure Genius

Internet trolls love to single out successful people and try to drag them down – especially powerful women. However, when this uber-successful Internet blogger star was referred to as “trashy,” she empowered herself in a hilariously savage way!

Amber Scholl: An Epic DIY Queen

It’s inarguable that blogger Amber Scholl is one of the most powerful fashionistas on the Internet. Scholl’s DIY fashion YouTube channel took off in 2016, and she now has over two million subscribers. For someone as motivated as Scholl, her success doesn’t stop on YouTube.

The web-star also boasts several other large social platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. Hundreds of thousands of followers track her fashion tips, as well as her impressively cheap DIY projects, such as rhinestone mirrors, dresses made from money, and more. But with such a large following, Scholl isn’t immune to online bullying.

Scholl’s Trolls: You’d Look “Terrific Wearing A Trash Bag”

Amongst all of Scholl’s trolls, one comment clung onto her: someone calling her “trashy.” Despite Amber’s incredible outfits, the bully insisted that she would “look terrific wearing a trash bag.” Fortunately, Scholl didn’t allow the comment to become anything short of empowering.

Scholl came up with the perfect response to the troll…though at first, her methods seemed odd. When she stopped by the store to get a black corset, trash bags, glue, a skirt, and masking tape, it’s no doubt the cashier was curious about what it was all for! Luckily, Scholl soon used her heavenly DIY skills to dish out some perfect revenge.

Scholl’s Hysterically Empowering Clapback

With all of her collected items, Scholl set to work creating herself a stunning dress – out of trash bags! The savvy artist used wrinkled trash bags to create a gorgeous, fluffy top layer over the corset. With the rest, she produced tightly-wound, beautiful roses to trickle down her skirt. Many found it hard to believe that the dress was genuinely made of…well, trash.

Of course, once her fans discovered the reason behind the unique dress, they praised Scholl’s powerful comeback. “You have so much class you make a garbage bag look designer,” one Instagram user wrote. Whoever bullied Scholl to begin with is certainly regretting messing with such a confident queen!

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