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Mysterious Blue Light Over New York City Sparks Hilarious Twitter Thread Of Theories

Not many people expected to see a bright blue light illuminating the sky when they looked out their window last Thursday night. In fact, many were scared it was something more than what it really was. As conspiracies flowed in and people questioned its origin, the real reason behind the mysterious bright lights is not so mysterious at all.

The Light Shines Bright

At precisely 9:12 p.m. on Thursday night a massive boom could be heard in the distance. Soft hums and the flickering of blue light came into sight. Residents across New York looked out their windows to find a strange blue light illuminating the night sky.


The blue illumination could be seen for miles in the dark sky, and residents from all over marveled at its beauty. Although some people began to wonder what it could be. Almost as soon as the blue light crept over the night sky, the wild ideas of what caused the blue light flooded in.

Wild Conspiracies

One resident from Astoria, Yiota Androtsakis, believed the light to be a UFO, while others thought worse. Within a couple of hours, Twitter was full of conspiracies. One man wrote, “If I get superpowers from this thing in Queens, I’m starting every tweet like a CW hero show.” Another man posted: “Aight, but if Elon Musk popped out the sky with an iron man suit shooting at the blue light thingy, that wouldn’t be lit?” Yes, it would be!

NBC Bay Area

At the same time, New York authorities were trying to figure out what was wrong as well. They were just as confused by the bright light as patrons of the city were. Emergency notifications went out to residents alerting them of high police presence as they tried getting to the bottom of what happened.

The Real Reason

While the Internet filled up with conspiracies as to what caused the blue light, the real reason might be just as interesting. According to ConEd, which provides power services to New York, stated the blue light was caused by equipment failure at one of their energy plants.


“The failure was on a piece of equipment that monitors voltage, not a transformer explosion,” a spokesman said, “The failure results in the release of heat and light. The light is what folks saw last night.” While not as exciting an answer as a UFO would be, it’s an answer nonetheless. Consider this mystery solved— or, is that what the government wants us to think? Cue Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files.

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