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Boy Dresses As His Dad For Halloween, Says He’s His Superhero

With a lot of superhero costumes to choose from, a little boy had a hard time picking his Halloween costume this year. So instead, he came up with a brilliant idea that left his parents surprised.

Imgur user BBScribbs posted a picture of her little boy dressed as his dad this Halloween. She said: “We walked out of two Halloween stores empty handed, he did not wanna be any of the characters.” Her son eventually came up with the perfect costume for the 31st of October and she said: “No one knew what my son was for Halloween and he didn’t care.”

The boy’s story was quickly picked up by netizens and left most readers in tears because of how the little boy adores his dad. The little boy’s dad may not have a prestigious job like that of a lawyer or a doctor, but the boy really loves and looks up to his dad.

His mom said: “His dad works long hours and rarely gets a day off. He runs a kitchen in a restaurant and comes home greasy, stinky, and exhausted every night. He works really hard to take care of his family.”

In her Imgur post, she also relayed how her son finally decided when she asked him to pick his favorite superhero so she could make him a costume the next day. She added: “His eyes lit up and he yelled, ‘Dad!’”

The little boy went trick-or-treating around town and he didn’t care if no one recognized his costume. His mom also says that her husband is really “damn proud of his son.”

She added: “It was obvious when my son rang every door bell and shouted “Trick-or-treat – I’m my dad!”. She said her little boy is really proud of his caring and hardworking dad.

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